Hugo Boss ‘The Scent’: When A Men’s Fragrance Becomes Universally Appealling

I’ve always had a very special relationship with scent. When I was a teenager I used to spend hours sampling all the different perfumes in my local chemist, before parting with my hard earned cash for a bottle of something that made me feel like a princess. While friends were buying nail polish and body lotions, I was investing in fragrance as a way to extend my identity beyond just what I was wearing. As a 20-something, my perfume collection was more expansive than anyone else I knew; I wore different scents to complement my mood, the time of year, the occasion and even my outfit – to me, it’s more than just smelly water. Now in my 30’s I’m interested in unusual and sophisticated fragrances that really make a statement; I don’t like anything too sweet, too floral, too musty, but I love anything striking, unusual or a touch on the masculine side. Like makeup and fashion, the point of scent is to find your own identity and enjoy wearing it. Fragrance layering has become incredibly popular, while brands such as Jo Malone and Shay & Blue are increasing in their mainstream appeal as people look for more than just another celebrity endorsement – unusual combinations, satisfying notes and evoking an emotion is definitely worth paying for. But what if you looked to the male fragrance market to satisfy that need? Although Hugo Boss ‘The Scent‘ is designed to celebrate the seductive nature of men, the more delicate and fruity notes lift the fragrance to make it universally appealing; if ever there was a bottle you could share with your partner, then this would be it.

This newest incarnation of the Hugo Boss brand boasts an exclusive ingredient from Africa: the aphrodisiac Maninka fruit. Evocative of passion fruit and rum, it’s incredibly satisfying and universally appealing – I had the pleasure of sniffing an actual fruit and could definitely see why it’s set to be such a big player in the fragrance world. In addition, the top notes of spicy ginger make ‘a spirited first impression,’ while heart notes of the rousing maninka fruit fuses with lavender to ‘swathe the skin in sensuality.’ (Lavender is traditionally used in male fragrances, even though it’s often associated with women – this is why so many male scents can be worn by us ladies too!) The base note is a more traditional intense burnished leather, to convey ‘magnetic masculinity’, providing a sexy twist on what could otherwise be just another fragrance. The instant feeling of freshness dies down to leave a lasting impression that’s strong, spirited and elegant; why invest in a £145.00 bottle of Tom Ford ‘Tuscan Leather’ when you could nab a bottle of Boss for a fraction of the price!

I’m a firm believer in scent experimentation. You should always push the boundaries, layer up, spritz on something you think you’ll hate, or swap fragrances with your partner. We only identify certain fragrances as being either male or female because they’ve been traditionally sold to us in this way; if you look back to the turn of the last century, men and women wore scent in a totally different way to what we do now. Violet, jasmine, lavender, rose and honeysuckle were all worn by both sexes, while spicy notes and the sensual fragrance of leather were not uncommon to either. ‘The Scent’ is a great way to spice up your fragrance wardrobe and try something new (while disguising it as a gift for your other half!) Although I’ve often opted for men’s fragrances in the past, it’s an unusual concept for many that can be tricky to get your head around. My words of advice: ignore the bottle, ignore the name, ignore the branding. Have fun with your perfume, try something new, and get your boyfriend back for using your expensive face cream by spritzing on his aftershave. Just because we can.

Would you ever choose a men’s fragrance instead of your usual perfume?

Hugo Boss ‘The Scent‘ Eau de Toilette is available nationwide now; RRP from £45.00.

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  1. Claire D. T
    November 23, 2015 / 6:42 pm

    I don't like sweet perfumes so I have found so many masculine perfumes that I wanted to buy all of these years!! I think that I will like this one, too :)

  2. Di from Max The Unicorn
    November 27, 2015 / 11:24 am

    Normally I wouldn't think to try a men's fragrance, but lately I've been using Lush Olive Branch shower gel, which has quite a masculine scent, and I really like it. I think it's more of a psychological barrier to break more than anything!

  3. The Style Rawr
    November 28, 2015 / 11:19 am

    I love men's fragrance, Spicebomb is my fave to grab a sneaky spritz of, but this sounds gorgeous. Luckily my man's fave scents are Boss ones so I can definitely get this one onto his dressing table! J x

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