Fragrance has been a staple of the Avon beauty brand ever since the launch of its first product back in 1886: a sweet smelling perfume called Little Dot. Little did they know back then that this rather insignificant product was to launch one of the biggest global brands there has ever been. But did you know, selling one fragrance every seven seconds, Avon is surprisingly one of the world’s leaders in perfume? They may have a bit of a reputation for being naff, and perhaps more suited to your granny than your best mate, but Avon have actually got some really rather fabulous and innovative products hidden within those retro catalogues – including these new ‘Attraction‘ fragrances, which have been specifically designed to ‘capture the attention of a potential partner.’ Interesting. In our growing ‘swiping left, swiping right society’, is this just another way of seeking out that potential suitor, or a marketing story that’s a little bit fun? The question is: would you wear a fragrance that’s specifically been created to attract the opposite sex?

Both the ‘Attraction for Him’ and ‘Attraction for Her’ fragrances have been created with the same blend of sensual amber, captivating musks and seductive woods, as well as elements that are unique to each sex. To continue the theme of ‘togetherness and attraction’, even the bottles have been designed to fit together seamlessly and complement each other perfectly. What I find hilarious though is that Avon ‘verified the seductive powers’ of these two new scents by selecting
hundreds of real life couples from around the globe and inviting them to
spend the weekend together, wearing Attraction. They say: “The interactions
recorded during this ground-breaking testing affirmed the powerful
magnetic effect of the scents, with numerous couples generating
wildly intense testimonials and reporting that wearing the fragrances
strengthened attraction, intensified desire and made them feel sexy,
spontaneous, and enticing!” Well, what better way to test the claims than by seeing if you can actually make couples all hot, steamy and irresistible to one another! But what about the scents themselves?

Attraction for Her: Boasting an olfactive of woody, fruity notes, this is a tantalising fragrance designed to entice. Tarty pink pepper adds a spicy brightness to top notes of tempting blackberry and voluptuous pear nectar, while the magnetic musk accord is intensified by the exotic elegance of black orchard. An intoxicating femininity reveals itself through night blooming jasmine, and warm base notes of addictive praline, vanilla amber and rockrose add a rich decadence that lingers for hours.

Attraction for Him: Opening with the aromatic spiciness of fresh juniper, crushed cardamom and ginger root, a known aphrodisiac designed to invigorate the spirit and energise the soul. A tenacious earthiness is revealed through middle notes of Indonisian patchouli and clary sage, which seamlessly blend with the enticing magnetic musk accord to deliver a powerful intensity to this profoundly seductive scent. Finally, the fragrance evolves through the smouldering woody base notes of smoky guaiacwood, cistus labdanum and tonka bean to emit a sensual warmth and an addicting masculinity.

The fragrances are actually rather delicious and totally unexpected – especially as they’re from Avon, and especially as the price points are a shockingly low £15.00 each. For me, scent is all about portraying who you are as an individual and is an extension of what we wear, how we style our hair and even what mood we’re in that day. I pick my perfumes based on what they say about me, rather than what appeals to everyone else, so I can’t imagine buying a fragrance to up my chances of a quickie behind the bikeshed… But it’s an interesting concept. In a world where we’re somewhat obsessed with being as attractive as possible, is this just the next stage of that need coming to life? Does it undermine the work of women trying to prove we don’t wear makeup to please the opposite sex (please, no man understands or appreciates how long it takes to create that smokey eye!) but to boost our confidence and make us feel sassy? Have Avon captured the power of scent and literally bottled it for the benefit of mankind? Is this the Twenty First Century viagra?! Who knows, but suffice to say it’s definitely a great conversation starter.

Would you buy a fragrance just to give your love life a little helping hand?

Avon ‘Attraction‘ for Him and Her are available now, priced £15.00 each.

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  1. Pam Scalfi
    November 25, 2015 / 12:16 pm

    hahaha this is too funny but heck why not! Would love to give these a try :)Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Victoria - Florence and Mary
    November 25, 2015 / 3:21 pm

    For the price point and if I liked the scent I think I'd buy for a personal boost in confidence if I were on a date etc, same as reading 'the boy you loves' horoscope. Is it a bit of mumbo jumbo, will the scent really make a difference, who knows but I think its one of those things to not take too seriously. You could even argue it doesn't undermine women/men if anything you could argue people might enjoy the 'trickery' and watching someone 'fall under their smell'.I still remember buying 'pheromones' off eBay years ago and my friends and I piling them on before a night out! Did it work or was it physiological, who knows but it was fun!Victoria FlorenceandMary.com

  3. Megan Phelps
    November 25, 2015 / 3:53 pm

    I love the Attraction for her so much, for £15 I ended up getting a free gift which included the matching Body Lotion and handbag pocket size bottle of perfume. I can't speak for my boyfriend but I just love the smell and am defo gonna order again. MeEmBeauty

  4. Unknown
    November 2, 2016 / 9:10 pm

    I actually had to stop this lady lastnight and asked her what she was wearing! Thats how beautiful this fragrance is i cant wait to buy i hope avon still Self this in their booklet 2016. It lingered all over the coach i was on!! Stunning fragrance and it is defo an aphrodisiac!

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