New Illamasqua Contouring, Sculpting & Highlighting Palette: All The Shades You Need?

I’m a bit of a contouring convert. Who would have thought I’d be turning to a rather rich chocolate tone to help my skin look sunkissed and healthy, when bronzer used to be my nemesis. Too many photos exist of me with a rather bronzed nose, as I didn’t know where to apply the shimmering shades for best results. Spring forward a few years and I hardly go a day without adding a touch of something rich in tone to my cheeks; although I’m no expert, I’ve embraced the benefit a little ‘light and shade’ can bring to skin as you age. My portfolio is currently confusing and expansive, making this new six piece palette from Illamasqua somewhat of a dream; it contains all the shades you need to contour, highlight and sculpt for varying complexions – but does it create the look I desire without having to attend a masterclass and get a degree in contouring?

There’s no logical order to the shades in the palette, meaning you have to do your research. Essentially the first two are highlighters, the grey is to create shadows and the remaining three can be mixed to create the perfect contouring shade for your complexion. Illamasqua advise starting with the white highlighter, following with the grey shadow, filling in with your bronzing shade of choice and completing with the shimmering golden brown shade across the tops of cheeks and bridge of the nose. It sounds complicated, but once you get to grips with the layering it’s actually a doddle; although I wouldn’t use all of the tones on a daily basis, the unusual grey and the highlighting cream will definitely be coming out to play on weekends.

Each powder glides onto the skin effortlessly, allowing for swift blending and layering that makes a makeup artist out of even the least qualified among us. If you apply too much it’s really easy to buff the pigment into skin for a more subtle approach, while you can easily layer and mix the shades together for a polished finish. In the picture below I’ve used four of the shades and little else – I haven’t used any blush or traditional highlighter to showcase the result (which is probably a little more contrasting than I’d usually wear it, for the sake of the photo!) I’m loving how easy it is to use these powders and how I got to grips with them immediately.

The downsides come in the form of packaging and price. The cardboard container may be more sustainable, but it means it’s easy to get in a mess and extremely hard to clean up; a plastic palette could just be wiped down, whereas this is going to get very dirty very quickly. Similarly, the size and shape of the powder pans mean it’s quite tricky to pick up the pigment you want without disturbing the shade next door; you need a very small brush to get the product out effectively, which leaves you with a look that’s too precise for my liking.

At £44.00 this isn’t cheap either – especially as it’s in a card case which consumers are more than likely to perceive to be less qualitative. If it was around the £30.00 I think it would provide much better value, but on a literal level it provides three times the quantity of the Sculpting Duo (£27.00) so therefore is a more than competitive price. Essentially it depends if you’re an Illamasqua customer and love the brand, or if you’re just after a great contouring palette – the price is definitely justifiable, it’s just a big investment. I hope they break down the shades and offer them up as duos in the future, ensuring that many more will be able to justify a purchase that’s really rather lovely.

What do you think of this new contouring palette from Illamasqua? Would you spend £44.00 on a sculpting palette, or would you prefer to turn to a more budget brand?

The Illamasqua Contouring Palette is available online and in store, priced £44.00.

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  1. Pam Scalfi
    July 27, 2015 / 5:00 pm

    it looks pretty and all, but the price is a bit much for what it is.Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Lori
    July 27, 2015 / 11:38 pm

    I hadn't realised it was in a cardboard case, that sort of sucks. I'd still quite like it though

    • Hayley Carr
      July 29, 2015 / 7:53 am

      I can only assume they're trying to be more sustainable – as everything else is plastic. I was surprised when it arrived, have to admit.

  3. Tricia
    July 28, 2015 / 5:24 am

    It looks so tempting but speaking of being practical I guess I would just go for a cheaper one but with same qualities 🙂

  4. Trusha R
    July 28, 2015 / 11:04 am

    This looks good but for the price I would rather order the Anastasia Beverley Hills one from Sephora and pay for the shipping! It looks good for lighter skin tones, not sure about that shade of grey…

    • Hayley Carr
      July 29, 2015 / 7:53 am

      You have to use it very subtly, but it does work! More for a 'heavy makeup look' really.

  5. Anonymous
    July 28, 2015 / 5:40 pm

    All shades looks gorgeous! Would love to try theseThanks Hayley

  6. Catherine Sayer
    August 6, 2015 / 3:34 pm

    This looks like a really good concept but I do wonder if the pan size could've been a bit bigger! x

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