Embracing The #100Colours Little Colourful Dress Challenge With Dove Invisible Dry: Getting Colour Confident

Summer brings with it the wardrobe updates we cry out for all winter: bright colours, bold patterns, fun styles and accessorising like it’s going out of fashion. There’s something about slipping into a brightly coloured outfit that puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step, which is why Dove are encouraging women from across the UK to embrace colour by welcoming it into their wardrobe this sunny season. This welcome movement comes after the Dove Colour Confidence Poll revealed a huge two thirds (63%) of British women would choose a LBD for an event because of its reputation as a timeless classic – and the fact that we don’t have to think about what matches! Body confidence is cited as the key factor steering women away from wearing colourful clothes, with 79% of UK women saying their skin tone, body shape and not being ‘slimmer’ are what directs them to darker colours. It’s time to change!

Additionally, a fifth of women claim they are more likely to wear
darker hues at the start of the week, with the greatest proportion of
women (30%) choosing to wear dimmer colours on a Monday; it seems our
mood is often reflected in our outfit choices! Sunday was revealed as
the favourite day for opting for a brighter colour, closely followed by
Friday – not hard to comprehend, when Fri-Yay has become the name du
jour in 2015. Considering 60% of women say that wearing a colourful
dress makes them feel happier and more confident, it’s surprising we’re
not embracing yellows, blues, reds and greens more often. The
fascinating poll was commissioned to celebrate the new Little Colourful
Dress campaign, championed by Dove Invisible Dry deodorant which is
proven to leave no white marks on 100 colours different colours –
meaning you can step out in style without worrying about those messy
white marks on your favourite outfit.

Commenting on the research
findings, Pantone Color Institute Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman
says:  “Choosing colour can make women feel more energised and so
wearing red on a Monday gives us a great start to the week. As an
alternative to black, women could incorporate the colour purple as it
has a dominant blue undertone and can release tension-fighting
endorphins to combat stress. If you’re feeling particularly bold – why
not break the mould with a vibrant yellow? It stimulates the brain,
heightening awareness and making us feel more focused and decisive.”

stylist Alex Longmore continues: “For so long we’ve seen women choose
the LBD because it’s seen as the safe option… it’s time we change that!
Colour is a chic asset to any wardrobe, especially as we come into
summer. Wearing the right tone and shape is very important when getting
it right when wearing colour. I think it is best to always opt for block
colours, especially when choosing a little colourful dress. Ladies,
let’s ditch the dull and bring brights to your wardrobe!”

Her top
tips for embracing colour include starting your colourful change slowly
by investing in a bold accessory (any excuse to buy another handbag!)
and using colour as a way to make a statement; “overall we give a much
better impression to others when we embrace colour.” She continues: “You
will know instinctively which hues work on you and which don’t. You
will notice when wearing colour how it instantly evens out skin tone,
enhances your features and lifts your mood.”

To celebrate the launch of this campaign, Dove challenged me to pick a bold and colourful outfit for a day out at Ascot so I could see for myself the impact it would make to my confidence and mood. I tootled along to see what tones I could pick out from my local department store and came up with this bright blue dress with a statement pattern, matched with a lemon coat to add a touch of sophistication. The result was a fun, bold and energising look that really did make me smile; it’s incredible to see the difference swapping a LBD for an LCD makes – to both the wearer and those around them! Even my friend Lisa chose to embrace a bold red fascinator and matching dress for the day, setting the scene for a fabulous afternoon at the races. Rather than embracing a LBD, she opted for bold scarlet shoes and a matching pashmina – very much encapsulating the ‘lady in red’! Undoubtedly one of the most colourful ladies at Ascot, you can see from the smile on her face how the bright tones made her feel.

Of course I simultaneously put the Dove Invisible Dry deodorant to the test and can happily report back it left absolutely no white marks on my outfit, despite re-applying a couple of times during a humid afternoon. It simply allows me to embrace confidence-boosting colourful clothing every day without the worry of unwanted deodorant marks – or unsightly wet patches! I’ve definitely kept this trend up over the last week or so, opting for bright green skirts and bold blue shoes instead of my usual muted tones; even when running on empty, a splash of colour helps to perk me up and ensure I’m ready for the day.

Why not embrace the colour this summer and see what difference it can make to your day?

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Keeping it colourful… #100colours

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