Unglamorous But Necessary: Nice’N Easy Root Touch Up (And Why We Get Those Pesky Greys)

Apart from those inevitable fine lines around the eyes, spotting that first grey hair is probably the most feared
thing about getting older. I was unfortunate enough to inherit my father’s greyness in my early twenties, so I’ve been dying my hair ever since in an effort to cover up those pesky white flecks around my parting. I may be fortunate enough to have a baby face, but those little grey hairs definitely give the game away – especially as they’ve planted themselves in the most unsubtle places. Although dying my whole head used to be a go-to every six weeks, continually re-dying the lengths of hair can cause them to become dry and course; it also means the lengths and ends of hair will absorb colour differently to the root, causing an unnatural difference in tone. However, Nice’N Easy Root Touch-Up has become a firm favourite (especially since having extensions fitted,) as it allows me to cover those greys at my root and give my overall colour a boost – without the faff or time required by a regular bottle of home hair colourant.

The big question on our lips is often ‘but why do we go grey?’ WHY, goddamit? The age at which you’ll get your first grey hair is largely determined
by genetics; you’re more than likely to find that first strand of silver
hair around the same time as your parents (or even grandparents). However, there are lots of other causes and the speed of which the rest of your barnet turns from a
lustrous brown to a silver fox grey is often determined by lifestyle. Smoking, anemia, insufficient
vitamin intake and poor nutrition have all been proven to increase the
rate of greying hair, so a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet is vital to ensure you stay
away from the hair dye for as long as possible. (Not that it helped me!)

Turning grey is a very natural process that happens to us all – the
colour change is the result of a lack of pigment production in the hair.
Every hair follicle contains cells called melanocytes, which produce
the colour that we see within our hair (black, brown, red or yellow.) As
you age, these cells become less active and less efficient at producing
and depositing the colour where it needs to be; as less pigment is
deposited, so our hair becomes lighter and eventually loses pigment
altogether when the cells die off. Grey hair occurs when there is a
reduced pigment in the hair, making the colour appear washed-out or
watered down; white hair occurs when there’s no pigment left at all.

Unfortunately there’s no way to combat greying hair other than to dye over it. Grey
hairs are harder and more brittle than their coloured counterparts,
purely because their active cells have started to dye off and leave the
cell dangling at less than 100% efficiency. Therefore, they’re
harder to cover so it’s essential to look out for that
‘covers grey’ claim on the box of your hair dye. Luckily Nice’N Easy Root Touch Up does the job with ease – and in only ten minutes. It comes with a little mixing tray and application brush, ensuring you can apply the product exactly where you need it and blend the dye in with the lengths of your hair for a flawless finish.

I pay particular attention to my parting and around my scalp, as these are the most obvious places to spot a pesky grey, but it’s also worth moving around your hair to ensure whenever it’s styled you’re not left with a grey patch. For some reason there’s a big chunk of greys that linger on the right side of my head; although they never get seen as I always part and style to the left, I know they’re there and make every effort to cover them! The Root Touch Up takes only ten minutes to get to work, helping to cover lighter tones in a jiffy; I can use it before I hop in the shower before I start my day, meaning I don’t have to set aside an hour of my weekend to sort my hair out. It’s easy, effective, affordable and works with every hair colourant imaginable – the key is to use the brush to blend the colour into the lengths of hair. Although it’s not very glam, it’s the one product I rely on probably more than any other to keep me looking and feeling fabulous.

Nice’N Easy Root Touch Up is available pretty much everywhere, priced £4.99 and in 21 shades.

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  1. Georgie Lowen
    April 23, 2015 / 4:19 pm

    Luckily I have no grey hairs, but I love your tips here – always do. I have already planned my hair for when it goes white which is quite sad haha. I love that you feel comfortable to share this with us too. Georgiexoxowww.thelipstickdaily.com

  2. Julie L
    April 24, 2015 / 3:20 am

    I will try this on my mum. She has grey hairs that she is really so bothered about. Hope this is what will solve her problems.

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