Three Great Facial Exfoliators That Are In My Shower: Smooth, Buffed, Healthy Looking SKin

Our skin can become dull, tired, flat and uneven in next to no time if we don’t look after it properly, which is why regular exfoliation has been a fundamental part of my skincare routine for as long as I can remember. Our skin naturally goes through a thirty-day cycle, where over time the
cells travel from the deeper layers to the surface and become full of
keratin – which gives skin a rougher and uneven appearance. Although
we’re programmed to naturally shed away this old skin, sometimes we need
a little helping hand. As we get older the
‘cement’ holding our cells together becomes thicker, resulting in a
build-up of skin cells that makes the sloughing process more difficult
to accomplish; this results in a dry, uneven, dull and less-toned
appearance. By eliminating the build up of dead skin cells on the
surface, the regeneration of new skin cells is stimulated which results
in an improved appearance, tone, and feel of the skin – as well as a greater effectiveness of your skincare products. I use a little face scrub two or three times a week, gently buffing my face in circular motions for around sixty seconds while in the shower; this gives me the results I need without removing too much. Here are three of the current facial exfoliators in my shower that are giving me a helping hand, and the reasons why I’m turning to them for a little skincare expertise…

1. Aurelia:Refine & Polish Miracle Balm (£57.00)
This unique product features a probiotic and peptide complex to balance and protect the skin, while being fragranced with an uplifting essential oil blend of Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Bergamot. The lighter-than-anticipated formula contains natural rice bran refining beads to gently dislodge dry skin cells and boost circulation to reveal bright, clear and beautiful skin. This is the closest you’ll ever get to a daily exfoliator, thanks to the gentle nature that feels as though you’re just giving skin a little polish. You can also use it as a mask, thanks to powerful fruit enzymes which are activated to deeply exfoliate skin and act beyond the surface, making it multi-functional. It is incredibly expensive though, especially for the tiny 75ml tube, so possibly one to put on hold until you win the lottery…

2. Goldfaden MD: Doctor’s Scrub (£65.00)
This super dense scrub contains the smallest particles, almost causing it to look and feel more like a rich cream than an exfoliator. The smallest amount of this goes a hugely long way, moving around my face to gently lift away dry skin and reveal the fresh stuff beneath; it really feels like I’ve had a spa like experience every time I use this, which is a good justification of the price point. It even contains ruby crystals to help reveal brighter, clearer and younger looking skin, while targeting blocked pores to ensure a more even complexion. Although they recommend daily use, I stick to a good massage once a week and it’s more than enough.

3. BioEffect: Volcanic Exfoliator (£30.00) 
Formulated with Icelandic micro-crystalline lava, this clarifying facial exfoliator deep-cleanses and smoothes the skin to leave it feeling soft and refreshed. The transparent gel transforms into a rich cream upon contact with the water, making it much easier to apply and massage around the face; the tiny fragments are much more abrasive than the other two scrubs, but there’s only handful in each application to ensure you don’t overdo it. This is great to use a couple of times a week to top up the performance of your cleanser and toner, integrating into my morning shower with ease. Although it’s not as pleasurable to use as Aurelia or Goldfaden, it provides subtle results that ensure my skin is feeling good.

Do you regularly exfoliate your face in the shower? Have you tried any of these three brands before?

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