There’s a massive misconception that great skincare has to cost the earth. We don’t have to part with hundreds of pounds for a great skincare routine, as technology is advancing and ensuring results are achievable at a much lower price point than was previously available. B. is a collection of premium skincare, created by industry experts to
help women find the products that are right for them – clearing away any
clutter and confusion, providing guidance and inspiration via key
stages that relate to the needs of our skin in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and
now 50’s. B. offers a premium experience at a mainstream price; all
their products are packed with a high concentration of active
ingredients to ensure great results without breaking the bank. This
autumn B. launched its first ever complete new skincare phase, Skin Phase 4 B. Nourished, which is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 11% in just 8 weeks.* Following on from my first post which provided an in-depth introduction to the products, my Mum (54) and Nan (82) have been putting the trio to the test over the last few weeks and it’s safe to say they’re both in love. Here’s what they had to say about B.Skincare and why they’ve already been telling all their friends about this magical trio. 

Tell me about your first impressions of the B.Skincare products…
When I first opened the box I thought they were a from a very high-end
brand; I genuinely thought they’d cost in the region of £40.00 or
£50.00. I was really impressed by their look and the clean and simple
design that I felt was classic and elegant.  When I opened the jars the
product looked very creamy and rich, so I was excited to try them. 
I agree – the packaging looked really good and the pots were nice
enough to put out on my dressing table. (I can concur that this is
really important for my Nan!)

Did you have any skin concerns before using the trio?
I have fine lines and creases under and around both my eyes and mouth. 
My skin is generally very rosy and I have broken red capillaries in my
cheeks. I don’t have heavy wrinkles, just creases, but I’ve just started
to get small lines on my forehead which are definitely a concern.
Nan: My
skin tends to be dry and sensitive, so I have to be careful what I use
so I don’t irritate it. Obviously I have heavy wrinkles at my age, so
I’m more concerned with the texture of my skin.

How did you use the B.Skincare products?
Mum: I’ve
been using the serum morning and night, as well as the relevant day/night cream
every day.  I’ve used all three products on my face and neck for about a month.
Nan: I have been using the serum first thing in the morning, followed by the day and night cream every day for about three weeks.

Have the products help to elevate any concerns for you?
Mum: The
fine lines next to my eyes definitely look reduced, while my cheeks
feel a bit plumper and not so red. My skin feels really hydrated and not
so tight after cleansing.  I find that my foundation goes
on smoother and looks better when I’ve finished; my skin feels very
soft and could even
be described as silky smooth!
Nan: I’ve found the
products excellent. My skin feels soft and, whether or not it’s wishful
thinking, I do feel it looks less wrinkled
and a lot smoother. Also my face feels plumper, especially my cheeks
which feel like they’ve had a boost. A few people have commented and
complemented my skin for looking good too.

How do the products make you feel?
Mum: The
products are easy absorbed into my skin, which is important when I’m
getting ready in the mornings so I feel I’m not rushing to do my
makeup.  I now feel I have healthy looking skin and an even complexion;
it’s definitely given me a confidence boost.
Nan: The
B.Skincare trio helps me to feel comfortable with myself and in my own
skin. My makeup goes on smoothly, people have commented on my plump
cheeks and I feel like I’m ‘glowing’. 

Would you recommend this B.Skincare trio to a friend?
Mum: I already have recommended it to friends! I’m very impressed with them and would definitely buy them again when I run out; I’ve already purchased other products in the same range which I’ve been very impressed with.
Nan: I’d definitely recommend them to a friend. In fact I already have too!

So there you have it – both my Mum and Nan adored the products, have already been telling all their friends and have definitely seen results in only a few weeks. I can also confirm that their skin looks plumper, fuller, smoother and more radiant… Although photos have been banned of their wrinkles! (Even with an incredible result, what woman wants to have pictures of her wrinkles and lines all over the internet?!) Considering you can currently pick these products up for £7.47 (day cream,) £7.97 (night cream) and £8.97 (serum,) there’s no reason not to grab them and gift your own Mum and Nan this Christmas… I’ve no doubt they’ll thank you come January!

*Tested on 30 women aged 60 -73 years
old; average age of the test subjects was 65 years. Hydration tested on
11 women aged 45 -56 years old; average age of the test subjects was 57

This is a sponsored post on behalf of B.Skincare.



  1. Bess Oates
    December 12, 2014 / 6:02 pm

    i've really wanted to try out some B. products for ages but i was never sure whether they were worth it, obviously as an 18 year old anti-aging isn't my biggest concern but it's nice to know these products can prevent fine lines and all that jazz – nice post!fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

    • London Beauty Queen
      December 15, 2014 / 5:15 pm

      They do have a range for 20's which would be more suited to you, but the proof is in the pudding! My Mum & Nan adore the products.

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