Dr Lipp is 10! (So Here Are Ten Uses For The Fab Little Tube)

It’s a great handbag companion, 100% natural and a long-lasting balm that has oodles of uses. Celebrity makeup artists have long loved the innovative Dr Lipp ‘Nipple Balm For Lips’, thanks to its tasteless, odorless and paraben free formula – so it’s no surprise that it’s celebrating its tenth birthday. Medically proven to be easily accepted by skin because it’s so similar to our own natural oils, dermatologists and pharmacists consider it to be one of the most effective products to care for your skin. Not only does it help soothe dry and chapped skin, but it accelerates repair and can last up to eight hours. In celebration of its 10th birthday, here are my top ten uses for Dr Lipp.

1. Long-Lasting Lipbalm & Gloss: It’s not rocket science, but it works. Dr Lipp provides a delicious neutral balm that helps to soothe dry lips and add a serious amount of shine to boot. It can be used either alone, under lipstick or over lip stain to hydrate your pout and ensure it looks awesome. 

2. Lip Primer: When used sparingly on naked lips, this can be used as a primer before adding dark lipstick. It helps prevent blotching and flaking, as well as adding a touch of hydration to counteract the dryness of lip colour.

3. Natural Highlighter: Apply a touch on top of blusher to make cheekbones and skin glow, or even apply to shins and your decolletage to give the illusion of definition. Just don’t overdo it!

4. Eyebrow Tamer: Combed through with an unused mascara wand, this can help to tame stray brows and keep them in place all day. A little gloss on the browbone also creates a fab look that’s taken straight from the catwalk.

5. Flyaway Tamer: Who needs expensive hair treatments or oils when you can rub a little of this onto flyaways and create a super sleek finish? It’s also great for tight ponytails when you want to create serious shine; just rub between fingers and delicately smooth over the surface. 

6. Eczema Relief: When the itching takes over, a touch of Dr Lipp can help soothe irritation and provide a sense of relief. Massage it into the area delicately and simultaneously aid healing of cracked skin too! 

7. Night Treatment: Mix a little amount with face oil (or even essential oil) with a pea-sized amount of Dr Lipp, massage into your face and benefit from a super smooth complexion the following morning. It’s even more effective as an overnight hand treatment! 

8. Sunburn Soother: If you spend a little too long in the sun and start to see red, sore, peeling patches, apply a little balm and help to speed up your body’s natural healing process.

9. Hair Dye Aid: If you always end up dying your forehead when undertaking at-home colourants, apply a little Dr Lipp around the hair line to prevent colour from bleeding. It’s easily washed off to leave you with a perfect ‘do! 

10. Makeup Mixer: Mix glitter, loose pigment or eyeshadow with a touch of balm and you have yourself a new makeup product. It also helps loose powder to stick to skin, aiding the longevity of your look – bonus.

Happy birthday Dr Lipp! Are you going to be giving some of these a go? Do you have any other uses for Dr Lipp or similar products? (Dr Lipp is available online, priced £11.50.)


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