Three Great Affordable Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Removers

Lashings of mascara and a thick black line across the lid can really make a look, adding a touch of effortless glamour to an otherwise nude complexion. However, the trouble often starts at the end of the day when you try to take it all off. We’re all familiar with the horrendous panda eyes that appear the morning after, having thought you’d removed all traces of mascara only to be sternly corrected the next day – most cream or simple liquid eye makeup removers simply aren’t powerful enough to effectively remove all traces. My personal preference has always been for bi-phase formulas that contain a mixture of oil and solution, coming together when shaken to provide a solution that clings to and easily remove even the most stubborn of makeup products. These are my current three affordable favourites, all of which effectively wipe away every trace without leaving my eyes feeling sore from excess rubbing.

1. Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover (€3.00/$7.00)
Unfortunately only available from Sephora stores in France or America, this little bottle is an incredible bargain that effectively removes my makeup in pretty much one swoop. I always stock up on a little travel sized bottle whenever I’m in Paris, as the remover is great at getting rid of even waterproof makeup. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, is free from all parabens and nasties, plus leaves a soothing sensation afterwards. A great travel companion that you’ll want to hunt out the next time you’re overseas.

2. MeruMaya Bi-Phase Plus Eye Makeup Remover (£14.50)
This was years in development and you can definitely tell. The transparent solution combines the effectiveness of a traditional bi-phase, with the unique addition of humectant hydrating gels that provide a ‘buffered’ and moisturising feel. It’s incredibly gentle on the eyes, yet easily removes all makeup without leaving any kind of residue behind. Great for those of us with sensitive eyes, it’s also a fab buy if you wear a lot of makeup and hate rubbing your eyes to remove it – you can simply add a touch of solution to a cotton pad, place over the eye for a few seconds and wipe it away.

3. Skin Drench Gentle Makeup Remover (£7.00) 
I was introduced to this brand by a friend who promotes the affordable products via at-home parties, and the makeup remover is definitely a highlight. This giant bottle will only set you back £7.00 and effectively removes stubborn makeup while helping to hydrate the delicate skin around the eye. Although it does need to be worked a little more into the eye and repeated on really stubborn makeup, it’s a great every-day product that’s incredibly efficient for the price. 

Have you tried any of these makeup removers? Do you have any other favourites?



  1. Jodie Pride
    September 5, 2014 / 3:17 pm

    I've only other tried the Garnier bi-phase makeup remover. It's pretty good, especially at only £3, but takes a little elbow grease to work. You've tempted me to try the MeruMaya one now!Madame Raptor

  2. Anonymous
    September 6, 2014 / 8:21 pm

    Bi Phase makeup removers are my favourites. Lancome's is good, but Clinique's Take The Day Off is probably the best I've tried, removing even Benefit's They're Real mascara effortlessly.

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