Sure Maximum Protection: Standing Up Against ‘Moments That Matter’

I’ve never been the kind of person that sits still and shuts up – I’m always on the go, doing a million things at once, packing my diary full of activities and dealing with the consequences thereafter. Although a good night’s sleep and a heavy duty foundation are essential for helping me to look and feel my best, I also need a great deodorant that keeps me protected and worry free. The people at Sure challenged me to put their Maximum Protection deodorant to the test during some of my ‘moments that matter’ to show how it can keep you fresh, whatever the day brings. The clinically proven formula provides up to twice the protection against sweat of the best selling antiperspirant, thanks to their body responsive technology. The encapsulated technology contains microcapsules that dissolve when you sweat to keep you smelling fresh throughout the day, as well as a specially formulated skin moisturising ingredient to help prevent irritation. So now we’re up to speed on how it works, how did I get on when I put it to the test over the last week?

I certainly had a busy few days to ensure I put Sure Maximum Protection through its paces. Starting off with my cousin’s baby shower, the weekend was spent celebrating the impending arrival of the first of a new generation. My cousin Dean is the first to become a parent, and the youngest, meaning there’s a flurry of excitement from every female in the clan and handmade cupcakes to match. If being left in a room with more family members than I care to count, parse the parcel and piles of baby clothes wasn’t enough to make me sweat, then a 30th birthday party of a close friend was. Cue lots of champagne, cocktails and dancing like we’re 21 again in a sweaty club – however, despite wearing a white dress, there was nothing to be feared thanks to Sure Maximum Protection.

The following day saw me being featured in Fabulous magazine after an extremely lengthy interview, that was narrowed down into about two sentences. I had no idea what angle they were after or how the feature would turn out, so I hesitantly flicked through the pages until I found the double page spread where I was named one of five blogs ‘that would change your life.’ Phew – no need to sweat it, because that turned out pretty well in the end! This weekend also saw the first anniversary of meeting my boyfriend, so in celebration we went out for an Indian and attempted to eat ourselves into oblivion; although some of the dishes were a little spicy, Sure Maximum Protection kept me feeling fresh and sweat free. Nobody likes a funky smelling date, even if they are munching on a pretty epic pile of nan bread.

I’ve also been lucky enough to meet the handsome Gerard Butler this week and ask lots of questions about male grooming. If that wasn’t enough to get me in a sweat then nothing was! Sat in a restaurant in West London, the sun pounding through the greenhouse-like windows, it was definitely getting a little steamy… Or was that just my reaction to Gerard? Anyway, although it was a little hot and sticky in the venue my deodorant didn’t let me down; Sure Maximum Protection kept me dry and smelling fab, with not a single drop of moisture in sight. I did have to fan myself off a little and regain my composure, but at least I still felt as fresh as a daisy.

I’ve used Sure Maximum Protection for a number of years now, turning to the creamy formula for more heavy duty occasions and warmer climates. It’s been a favourite of mine for dance classes, gym sessions and summer journeys across London’s sweaty underground network. My underarms can be incredibly sensitive and a lot of deodorants almost feel like they’re burning away a layer of skin, but Sure Maximum Protection absorbs instantly to leave my skin feeling hydrated and protected. You do have to be careful not to use too much, but the delicately scented cream really helps to keep you feeling great all day long. If it could get me through a week’s worth of intense moments then it can certainly stand up against a high impact exercise class or day out in meetings.

Have you tried Sure Maximum Protection? What have been your Moments That Matter this week?

Sure Maximum Protection deodorant is available from Boots priced £5.30.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Sure Maximum Protection. (However, I genuinely do still like the product and have purchased it many times with my own pennies!)


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