NEW Eylure Lash Edits: A New York, London Or Parisienne Flutter

I used to have a lot of love for false lashes, never being seen on a Saturday night without a serious flutter. However, with the advances in mascara that have left my natural lashes looking pretty awesome, I gradually stopped reaching for my ‘lash crutch’ in favour of a more natural finish. Eylure have always been my brand of choice, providing more subtle styles and a flexible lash line that ensures application is easy and comfortable, so these new ‘lash edits‘ have seen my love for falsies reignited somewhat. Available in three different combinations that celebrate three incredible cities (New York, London and Paris,) each edit contains three individual pairs of lashes in slightly varying styles that capture the style of the city.

I’m a firm believer that packaging has a huge role to play in beauty, especially when it’s hard to differentiate between brands, and these little wardrobes make Eylure’s latest launch worth picking up without even peeping inside. They’re held together with a little velcro patch, meaning they’re also re-useable and perfect for keeping lashes stored once you’ve ripped them off at the end of the night…. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a single lash because I’ve placed it somewhere safe and knocked it off into the abyss.) All of the lashes are incredibly wearable and don’t look instantly ‘fake’, providing a delicate addition to your lash line that’s easy to wear.

In my experience, Eylure’s lashes are the most easy to apply and fit my lash line perfectly without the need for trimming. Their ‘base’ line is also much thinner than other brands, making them the most comfortable to the point you forget you’re wearing them. You can re-use them many times, delicately removing the glue on the base and placing back in the box until the next big night out. These little kits aren’t only cute, but they’re good value too – at £12.95 it works out to be approximately £4.00 per pair of lashes, which is a £1.00-£2.00 saving (depending upon the style and where you shop.) If you’re a big fan of false lashes then I’d stock up on these in droves!

The Eylure ‘Lash Edits‘ are available online now priced £12.95 each.


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