The Sunday Pampering Session: Getting Ready For The Week Ahead

Sunday evening always brings a moment of dread; the impending week and that Monday morning feeling is never welcomed. You may still be feeling a little worse for wear following the night before, lacking both sleep and hydration, and need a good session to ensure you wake up on Monday morning feeling fabulous. The key to a great week is preparation and a little last minute pampering, taking care of your body and mind before the working week takes it’s toll once again. There are lots of little things you can do on a Sunday evening to help get you ready and minimise that Monday morning moan, and here are some of my faves.

1. Apply A Face Mask
If you’ve used a dreaded face wipe the night before after stumbling home at 2am, or even worse slept in your makeup, then you need to apologise to your skin. Use a clay or charcoal based face mask to draw out impurities and minimise bacteria that can cause pimples and spots in the coming days. Apply a generous layer, focusing on the t-zone and chin, and leave to get to work for fifteen minutes before removing with a warm damp cloth. Finish off by applying a facial oil or overnight serum to replenish and nourish while you sleep, ensuring all the signs of fatigue and late night cheesy chips are completely eradicated.

2. Give Your Hair A Treat
It’s not only our complexions that need a little pick-me-up after a busy weekend. Styling, backcombing, heated appliances and tonnes of product can leave our hair feeling dry and looking limp – it’s easy for the delicate surfaces to be damaged and for moisture to be zapped. Applying a nourishing and hydrating hair mask before bed can help to get your locks back to basics, avoiding the early morning struggle or inevitable Mon-bad-hair-day.  I even like to apply a little treatment to hair and leave it overnight to get to work, washing off in the shower the next day.

3. Paint Your Nails
A fresh lick of paint on your talons can make all the difference on a drab Monday morning. I always feel much more prepared and ready to face the day with a statement colour and perfect manicure, so apply your favourite shade or a nude colour you know will match all your outfits that week. Why not even add a drop or two of Dove’s new Purely Pampering Nourishing Oil to cuticles to replace any weekend neglect? It’s non-greasy and contains tonnes of beneficial ingredients.

4. Organise Your Outfits
There’s nothing worse than panicking at 7am because you simply can’t find anything to wear. If you know what you’re diary looks like in advance, there’s no reason why you can’t pull together five outfits ahead of time and minimise stress. Taking simple tailored pieces or neutral tones works best when you’re in a hurry, as a singular statement necklace or bag will help lift the look and ensure you’re walking head high.

5. Moisturise Your Limbs
You may well have neglected your normal routine over the weekend, as late nights and lie-ins get in the way of body maintenance. Moisturising your arms and legs with Dove’s new Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Oil will leave them feeling hydrated, soft and smooth – plus the inclusion of shea butter (rich in essential fatty acids) in the Shea Butter & Vanilla variant helps to soothe skin and aids it’s own ability to repair.

6. Change Your Sheets
I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s no feeling quite like slipping into freshly clean sheets and a well made bed. It feels great on the skin, smells like childhood and helps you drift off to sleep. Changing your bed on a Sunday helps to rid your slumber not only of a week’s worth of sweat and bacteria (often the cause of breakouts or irritation on the skin,) but will help you feel all comfy and snuggly.

7. Create A Relaxing Atmosphere 
Sometimes it can be much harder to get to sleep when you’re actually knackered – and really need to get to sleep! Worrying about it and trying to force yourself to nod off is mostly counterproductive. Setting the scene and creating a relaxing atmosphere can help to calm your senses and ensure a much easier and rested night, preventing that horrendous Monday morning sleepless look that requires five layers of foundation. Light a candle that contains notes of lavender a couple of hours before bed, as the scent will help relax your mind and ensure your brain isn’t going into overdrive. Avoid watching television or playing on your smartphone (the blue light emitted prevents the production of essential sleep hormones,) and instead read a book with a softly lit lamp on your bedside table.

8. Get An Early Night 
I know your mum’s been telling you this since you were five, but getting around eight hours of sleep is really the best way to be energised and look great the next day. Our body needs sleep to recover and regnerate, especially if you’ve had a hectic weekend or have done damage with a few cheeky mojitos. There’s nothing to be feared about slipping under the covers at 9pm and enjoying a cup of herbal tea; your body will thank you for it the next day.

Why not try a few of my tips this Sunday evening and let me know how you get on? Do you have any Sunday night rituals of your own?

The Dove ‘Purely Pampering’ Week is sponsored by Dove.
The Purely Pampering Nourishing Oil is available in Pistachio & Magnolia and Shea Butter & Vanilla variants, priced £8.99 each and available from Boots, Tesco and ASDA.



  1. Inge | blogboutique
    August 24, 2014 / 8:39 pm

    I REALLY like to do this on Sundays! Just a bit of extra me-time.

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