Bare Minerals ‘BareSkin’ Brightening Foundation: Their 1st Liquid Formula

Known for taking the mineral makeup market by storm, securing a cult following and encouraging women to undertake a ‘makeover’, Bare Minerals are definitely champions of beauty. They’re all about enhancing beauty, rather than covering it up and creating something generic – which is why their mineral powder foundations are so popular. Providing a super lightweight, almost undetectable finish, their mineral products have been copied by pretty much every brand going and have seen a revolution in makeup. Surprisingly, until the launch of ‘Bare Skin‘ last week, Bare Minerals had never dipped their toes into the world of liquid foundation. However, they’re making heavy and thick foundations a thing of the past by launching a liquid that brings the benefit of a lightweight mineral veil in the form of a serum-foundation with serious punch.

The texture is ultra thin and extremely runny, containing a serum that includes supercharged Lilac Plant Stem Cells and Vitamin C help to reveal brighter, more even-looking skin tone. You have to shake the bottle hard before applying a small amount to the back of your hand, otherwise you’ll be squirting out a clear liquid that won’t get you very far. Bare Minerals’ Perfecting Face Brush has been designed to work with the formula perfectly, containing a mini reservoir in which the foundation can be directly applied. The trick is to buff the product into the skin gradually, using circular motions as you would the mineral base – the result is great coverage, even skin tone, a radiant glow and a barely-there feel.

However, because the foundation is full of serum goodness it’s also incredibly greasy and prone to movement without a dusting of powder to fix it in place. I don’t think you could really wear this without powder, as it struggles to sit on skin effectively alone; I ended up with foundation all over my phone within an hour or two. Although it is incredibly lightweight, I would’ve liked a little more depth to prevent the serum taking over and leaving my skin a little oily. If you suffer from breakouts or a greasy t-zone then this won’t be for you, as there’s just too much moisture and slip; however, if you love Bare Minerals formulas but have always wished for a liquid alternative then I’ve no doubt you’ll like it.

I do love the finish it provides me and how surprising the coverage is (comparable to much thicker formulas I own,) but the oiliness does slightly put me off reaching for this on a daily basis. It’s great for down days or when you want to go for a lightweight ‘no makeup’ look, but for me it’s a little too runny and keen on transferring to be a summer staple. However, with a dusting of powder to fix it in place it’s a perfect lightweight alternative for the colder months and will no doubt be incredibly popular with Bare Minerals fans old and new. Have you tried Bare Minerals new foundation?

The BareSkin foundation from Bare Minerals is available online and on counters priced £26.00. Available in 20 shades.



  1. Tru
    August 11, 2014 / 11:28 am

    I've just been Tweeting Bare Minerals today about this foundation! Coverage is great and, a bit like their Ready foundation, I've found it looks even better a few hours after application. I always set any liquid foundation & BM Veils are perfect for this. The issue I've had is, despite being oil-based, I've found it find every area of drier skin on my nose & erects a neon sign pointing to it! Perhaps not literally, but it finds flaking where I had no idea it existed. Apparently the tip from BM is to use fingers to apply it to the nose area which does kind of defeat the object of designing a really specific brush for the product. I'll give that a go before resorting to using one of their mineral powders for my nose which I know works perfectly. That's if I can be bothered. I really don't want to have to use different foundations for different areas of my face…

  2. Aerie Berrie
    August 11, 2014 / 12:22 pm

    Shame it's a bit greasy! Thats the only bugbear i have about foundation that it can get on everything! Thats why I tend to wear only concealer and brightening pen! Much lighter xxBerrieBlogs {beauty blog}

  3. Rinica Warner
    August 11, 2014 / 5:46 pm

    Oh no, this will be a total no go for me I can't stand foundations that transfer or slips so glad as well as I almost picked this up recently but instead I went for the Smashbox Liquid Halo foundationā€¦.it's gorgeous šŸ˜€ xx

  4. Yazzys Corner
    August 11, 2014 / 8:14 pm

    Thanks for this review. I was checking the reviews for this foundation on YouTube and I have to say it looked amazing once applied but I didn't like how much it slipped all over the place so I decided to give it a miss but I was tempted to get a sample. I think I might just do that still.Yazmin

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