When The Blogging Bubble Burst: Losing The Will To Write

I’ve been blogging pretty much continually for over four years, bringing
a daily dose of beauty news and advice to a lovely and supportive group
of readers. My blog has opened more doors and provided opportunities
that I would never have believed possible when I first started,
including the move towards making LBQ my full time job. Now that I run
the site for a living, the pressure and level of expectation has changed
somewhat – mainly because it’s now more than just a hobby or something I
run in my spare time. It’s a whole new beast entirely, bringing
stresses and strains along with the great opportunities and incredible
experiences. Although I wouldn’t change anything for a second, putting a
huge amount of pressure on myself becomes somewhat counter-intuitive;
after slogging my heart out for nearly a year without a break, I
recently lost my blogging mojo.

The nature of blogging brings with it an innate requirement to juggle
multiple roles at once (whether that’s of photographer, editor and
social media consultant, or simply a wife, sister, best friend or
mother.) Blogging is never the only thing someone does, being able to
dedicate all their time to writing and being creative. Being creative
and continually coming up with new ideas is also a strain in itself:
sometimes my brain actually aches from me thinking too much about that
really engaging new post or fab new angle!  All this pressure we place
on ourselves, spending weekends and evenings stressing about writing
another post or editing those photos that won’t fix themselves, is
simply helping us on our way to a mid-blogging crisis.

A couple weeks ago I found myself in a metaphorical black
hole, gradually falling deeper and deeper until
I found myself unable to climb out. I was physically and emotionally
exhausted, having taken only a handful of days (including weekends) away
from my computer in a year. I could feel it coming (the lack of
enthusiasm, the lack of creativity, the lack of caring whether or
not I got any content up that day,) but I couldn’t do anything about it.
I’d put so much pressure upon myself to grow the blog, be writing
amazing content and taking brilliant photos, keeping my social channels
running and negotiating brand opportunities that would actually pay the
bills. The end result was unsurprisingly a ‘crash and burn’ week where I
barely did anything but watch episodes of Orange Is The New Black. (To
put it into perspective, I was the entire first season in about four

I don’t to make it seem like the world has
ended, but I do want to talk about the fact that we ALL experience days
or weeks like that and we’re ALL capable of losing our blogging mojo.
We’re not robots, we can’t run on empty and even the most creative minds
can’t continually come up trumps. It’s ok to have a bad week (or
month.) It’s ok to take some time out and come back when you’re feeling
better. It’s ok to check out and experience ‘the real world’ before the
blogging one makes sense again. Blogging has evolved into a completely new entity from when I first started, with everyone continually competing or trying to be the best they can be – be it to get that exclusive, that brand to notice you or simply to get your readers excited about your latest post. It’s serious hard work and can be utterly exhausting. It’s no surprise that we all have ‘crash and burn’ moments when we’re putting so much pressure on our shoulders. 

So how did I get my blogging mojo back? I let myself check out, removed all the pressure and
naturally found my path and inspiration again. I realised I missed it
and that a few days out worked wonders for my creativity; ideas rushed
back, I remembered lots of new things I wanted to write about and I
rediscovered my hunger. It’s not something you can force and it’s not
something you can time, but you will find what you’ve lost – just don’t
give up. If you’re tired, take a break. If you feel lost, then talk to your friends. If you’re not sure where you’re going, take the time out to find that perfect path. It’s made me realise that I do need to take weekends off, I do need to say no to things, I do need to book holiday time and I do need to regularly take some time for myself.

The reason that blogging has become so huge is because of the
personalities behind blogs. It’s because we feel a special kind of bond
and relationship with the person behind the words and we want to share in
their experiences. Forcing content, forcing ideas and forcing yourself
to write when you’d rather be surfing Netflix will only ever end up with
insincere content that your readers will be able to see through instantly. In
2014 we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect in every way,
competing and measuring our successes against others, that we often
forget what it’s all about. I’ve realised recently that I don’t have to
be the biggest blogger or the one with every single opportunity to be
classified as ‘successful’ – I just have to be the best I can be and be
happy doing what I’m doing. And you know what? I am. (I could just do with a spa break every now and then.)



  1. Brittany Seel
    July 3, 2014 / 12:55 pm

    If I'd been blogging as long as you, I think I'd struggle to find inspiration as often as you do! I think you do a great job :)Bea xAs Seen By Bea

  2. Anonymous
    July 3, 2014 / 1:27 pm

    Glad to hear you gave yourself a break! That happens to me periodically with school (still in college/university) and every once in awhile you just need to do a whole lot of nothing.

  3. Laura Bolton
    July 3, 2014 / 2:42 pm

    I've certainly not been blogging for long (only since last September) have been doing three posts a week since I started. I am finding it tough to keep up what with work, my coursework and fitting in bits and pieces to do over the weekend when I can finally get quality time with my other half with feeling shattered after coming home from the office.I am seriously tempted to take a wee break, not least of all because next week is the last week of my course (woo hoo) but also because I want to be complete GEEK and get my game on, I haven't touched my playstation in weeks and I really do miss it.I'm having trouble thinking of new things to write about and I think a break would do me good, but as my blog is so new, I am also a little scared of losing the limited readership I have.Thank you for being so honest about things, it's always nice to know it's not just me!

  4. Alexandra M
    July 3, 2014 / 3:17 pm

    It's always good to have a break, and it's so hard not to feel bad about it but everyone deserves some time off! Glad to hear your feeling more inspired after yours 🙂 XxA Blonde Moment

  5. alicekatex
    July 3, 2014 / 3:22 pm

    Great post! I've started posting every 3 days and it's hard as I'm usually used to posting every 2 weeks or so.. but I'm loving it! I'll defo bear this advice in mind when feeling pressure to post when no ideas are flowing! xxalicekatex ♥

  6. Antonella
    July 3, 2014 / 5:43 pm

    Amazing post,I've been posting every 3 days for almost 6 months and it gets hard!

  7. Anonymous
    July 3, 2014 / 5:55 pm

    I'm sorry to hear you lost your mojo but glad that you have hopped right back on the blogging train! I have recently started my blog after being inspired by a number of other bloggers (yourself included). It is only meant to be a spare time hobby at the moment (I work full time) but I find myself getting stressed because there is soooo much I want to blog about but I just don't have the time! I feel like I need to get it all posted in one go! I guess I will just have to find a happy balance that works for me. I'm sure after 4 years though I would be in the same position as you! XxWww.brendabusybee.blogspot.com

  8. Manouk Maat
    July 3, 2014 / 8:56 pm

    Very happy that a few days off have worked for you. Don't worry about us, we don't mind if you go MIA for a while. As long as you're happy with what you're doing, that's all that matters! :)WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait drawings)

  9. Lauren
    July 3, 2014 / 11:50 pm

    I'm glad youv'e got your mojo back! Love reading your blog! But its definitely important to take some time. Your brain is probably still working subconsciously, so not stressing about being creative and thinking of ideas I find is the way I am most creative!Lauren | http://www.livelovelauren.com

  10. Leanne Marshall
    July 17, 2014 / 2:00 pm

    Sorry you lost your blogging mojo, BUT how good is Orange is The new black!!!!! 🙂 I finished season 1& 2 in about 2 weeks!!! Home

  11. julia Rhodes
    July 28, 2014 / 3:36 pm

    Hi hayley, Part of the charm of your blogs is that apart from giving out fresh content, you throw yourself in amongst the content. You are authentic in your expression, and holding a point of view thats lightly and tightly at the same time, makes for interesting engaging reading. I liked this post because you have shown a soft underbelly, a vulnerability that doesn't detract from your ability to make things happen . ( As if that is in any doubt, given for achievements at a young age.). It makes you a better role model or exemplar. Take care.

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