Trend Alert: Cooling Scalp Sprays (Perfect For Irritated Holiday Heads)

We’re constantly exposing our hair lines to heat, hair dye, chemicals and the sun’s rays, so it’s no surprise that more and more of us are suffering from itchy and irritated scalps. We may pay a lot of attention to what’s going on at the lengths and mid-ends of hair, but often we overlook the most vital element of the process and where the cycle begins – our scalp. If you’re prone to scratching and suffer with a warm sensation when using certain products, then you may be pleased to know there’s a definite trend emerging that focuses on looking after the base of your hair just as much as the super-styled ends. New brand Salon Science (launching into Boots this month) and well established Tresemme are both launching their own version of a cooling scalp spray, which brings a touch of menthol to cool and calm the scalp instantly.

Great for popping in your handbag and spritzing on the go, these little
gems may seem quite niche initially but I think they’ve got a far
greater appeal… They’re the perfect holiday accompaniment. How often have you spent all day in the sun and suffer with a little red patch under your hair line the next day, not realising that you’ve caught the sun? How often do you spend a few days on the beach, in the sea or swimming lengths of the pool, suffering from irritating chlorine build-up or salt deposits on your skin? All these little things can play havoc with the sensitive skin that normally remains under a hat and safely away from the elements. These little cooling sprays can help to calm the area, cool instantly and even add a touch of volume to the hair at the same time.

They’re super lightweight and barely feel anything more than a touch of water, being completely transparent and non-sticky. You can either add a touch to your visible hair line, or add in small lines across the scalp and massage in to cool. The Salon Science version is a much more ‘scientific’ product than the Tresemme (which is more of a cosmetic,) but both offer an instant cooling sensation and even adding styling benefits. I’ll be talking about both of the new ranges that these fit into in the coming days, but in the meantime… What do you think of cooling scalp sprays?

The Salon Science HydraSoothe Cooling Spray (£14.00) launches this month, while the Tresemme Renewal Hair & Scalp Nourish & Renew Tonic (£3.67) is available now. Both in Boots nationwide.



  1. beautyqueenuk
    July 2, 2014 / 1:14 pm

    Oh this is interesting, especially as someone who has an irritated scalp from time to time, I look forward to reading more about it x

  2. alicekatex
    July 2, 2014 / 3:33 pm

    Interesting post!:)alicekatex ♥

  3. Aerie Berrie
    July 2, 2014 / 3:48 pm

    I need to try these! I hate having an itchy irritated scalp xxBerrieBlogs {beauty and lifestyle blog}

  4. Emily Knott
    July 2, 2014 / 5:57 pm

    I have never heard of this kind of hair product before. My sister suffers from an irritated scalp! I shall recommend these to her!

  5. Vicky M
    July 2, 2014 / 6:47 pm

    I'm really interested in trying these – I have lots of flaky dandruff and my scalp is always irritated and itchy. I even use tea tree shampoo, which is supposed to be really soothing, but nothing seems to help. Love this new trend!

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