Rita Ora Introduces DKNY’s Newest Scent, MYNY, And Answers My Questions

Rita Ora is taking over the world, one lipstick stained champagne glass at a time. Not only has she launched an incredibly successful music career, but she’s her own line of makeup, has walked the runway at Milan Fashion Week and now is the face of DKNY’s newest fragrance. MYNY celebrates the iconic streets of New York and the relationship we all have with them – be it on a daily basis, in a memory or within an apsiration or dream. The main ingredient in the fragrance is Patchouli, a comforting and
uplifting scent which sums up the city completely; it’s sold on street
corners and used by artists in their studios, so it provides a clear
association with everyday NYC life. It also contains Freesia, Jasmine
and Raspberry – the scent of optimism – and a little Pink Pepper to
‘provide sparkle’. It’s a great addition to the DKNY repertoire (read my full introduction and review of the scent here,) and Rita Ora is the perfect choice to front the campaign which launches in August. A few weeks ago I got to meet the lady herself and grill her on all things fashion, beauty, fragrance and New York related. Here’s what she had to say about all that and more…

Rita on the MYNY Campaign.
I said yes immediately to be part of this because I’ve had a relationship with DKNY for a few years now. We did the last campaign together and the catwalks, so it was natural progression and an immediate reaction for me to say yes. One day I’d love to have my own fragrance, but this feels like my own fragrance without the pressure that’s attached. When I found out about the concept being MYNY I loved it; it’s about you being able to come from anywhere and be part of something. I’m a big fan of smelling good and I love perfumes; it would have to smell nice for me to do it and it really does it smells great.

Rita on her relationship with New York. 
When I was 17 I
got offered a record deal in NYC. Jay Z, my manager, was based in
Brooklyn so I had to go over and be involved. I moved into an amazing
flat in Brooklyn and I was so scared; I’d never lived alone so I didn’t
know what to do with my own company. I kept the faith that everything
happened for a reason, so NYC will always have a special place in my
heart. You never know what’s around the corner in NYC. Everything is on
top of each other, it’s a gorgeous place that’s full of energy. Everyone
is always going somewhere. The smell of fresh bagels, coffee and street
nut stands remind me of New York, as well as the smell of gasoline,
smoke and car engines!

Rita on her relationship with fragrance.
Fragrance is so important to me as it leaves an impression. There are so many other musicians and singers out there: what makes you different, what makes you stand out? The ones that do it without realising are the ones that last; it’s hard to be remembered. To me, fragrance is another way to leave a lasting impression. I was always that girl that if I really liked a guy I would spray his pillow and leave, so he would always smell me! Your scent is a way of making an impact.

Rita on her favourite scents.
I love lavender – it’s my favourite. It puts me to bed and I’m obsessed with it, although I wouldn’t wear it as a scent alone. I also love almond, vanilla and sweeter scents. There are two sides to my fragrance personality, like dark and light: I love fig and woody scents, as well as the rosy blossom fruity scents. My first ever scent was DKNY The Woman; which was another reason why I wanted to sign up to this campaign… It was like I’d come full circle.

Rita on applying her scent.
I put perfume behind my knees, in my hair, on my wrists and spritz some into the air before walking into it. I never rub it into the skin, but always let it dry out on its own. I always apply fragrance just before I go on stage as a ritual because it makes me feel ready; it gives me a confidence boost, even though nobody but me can smell it.

Rita on beauty and fashion.
Every part of my body that I can personalise, I will do it… From nails, to hair, to eyebrows to lips. I’ve always loved having great nails and I love playing around with my hair; I’ve got loads of wigs and I love
dressing it into character. My hair isn’t just hair for me, it’s part of
the outfit, so it’s like figuring the whole look to create a theme.

Rita on the MYNY fragrance.
I love the shape of the bottle: it’s very compact and full of energy, just like New York. The city is a mixed cultural place, there are no restrictions to who or what you are. It’s a dreamful city so it’s an inspiration for girls to go out and feel good. I like the fact it appeals to a lot of women too. Being on this campaign, and not being a supermodel, its nice that I can get our generation involved in DKNY; it’s the youthful and fun side of the brand and this is a great scent.

Rita on the difference between London & New York.
In London there are places you can go for a break, for a minute of calmness or some alone time – but there’s no space in NYC. Even if you go to Central Park everyone is there with you, so it’s crazy busy and there’s nowhere to chill out! Saying that, I love to put in my headphones and cycle the streets on my own, taking in the sights and smells of New York City.

The MYNY scent will be available this August. 



  1. Katy Stephenson
    July 12, 2014 / 7:16 pm

    you're so lucky to be able to interview her, i bet she's lovely! i'll definitely have to give this perfume a whiff as well! love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  2. Rock without a reason
    July 13, 2014 / 11:12 am

    She sounds very lovely.

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