NEW From Tresemme: Renewal Hair & Scalp (Targeted Scalp Care)

Millions of pounds are spent every year on keeping our hair looking and feeling great, but one element is nearly always overlooked. Our scalp is where it all begins, and like a good gardener knows, if you don’t have great soil then your flowers will never be quite as beautiful as you’d like. Scalps aren’t as glamorous, aren’t as sexy as long flowing and shiny locks, but they are just as important in the long-term. We need to ensure our scalp is healthy and nourished, giving our hair the best possible chance of growing healthy and strong. Especially in the summer months, when soaring heat and the chlorine of swimming pools can play havoc with our delicate scalp, we need to look after our skin. Tresemme’s newest collection of products has been designed to deeply nourish the scalp, enabling it to hold on to 20% more moisture, as well as helping to repair hair damage and nourish from root to tip.

Included within the range are a shampoo, conditioner, conditioning masque, intense treatment shots and a cooling tonic. Together they look after your scalp while still giving your hair all the nourishment it needs to look and feel healthy. All the products contain soothing Tea Tree extract, hydrating Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin C to prevent hair breakage and Vitamin E to promote healthy hair growth, which combined provide a little bit of everything your hair needs. Although the shampoo, conditioner and masque are quite pleasant and leave hair feeling soft, it’s the other products in the range that are really quite innovative.

The Intense Treatment Shots come packed in a little box of four and offer a hydrating alternative to a traditional conditioner or masque. Although we’re always told to apply conditioning treatments only to the mid lengths and ends of hair, these shots need to be applied directly to the scalp and massaged into place. They can be left for only sixty seconds and will inject vitamins directly into the surface to ensure stronger hair growth. In addition, the Hair & Scalp Tonic can be applied directly to the scalp either after washing or on the go; its transparent and thin formula leaves no residue and is instantly absorbed to leave a slight cooling sensation. Tresemme say it will ‘boost the effect of the system’, but it’s also a great stand-alone product that you can pop in your bag – it even helps to create a little root lift and volume, so your hair looks and feels fantastic.

Up until now scalp care has been somewhat clinical and medicinal. It’s been massively overlooked in favour of ‘problem fixing’ – Tresemme have cleverly identified a growing area of concern and brought it to the masses at an affordable price. Everything is under £5.50, making these an absolute holiday must-have that won’t break the back or need you to wait until payday. Even if you don’t suffer with an irritated or dry scalp, then you could still benefit from a little skin pampering; if you start looking after your scalp, then beautiful hair is sure to follow. 

The Tresemme Renewal Hair & Scalp collection is available now in Boots stores nationwide, priced £4.99-£5.50 each.


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