Vichy Dermablend ‘Total Body Corrective Foundation’

Certain brands get the bloggersphere in somewhat of a tiz, and Vichy’s Dermablend is no exception. Hailed as a miracle product that covers every imperfection imaginable, it’s long been popular with those suffering from skin conditions and pigmentation issues. Although I have none of those things, I was still intrigued to find out what all the fuss was about and put the Total Body Corrective Foundation to the test. Designed to cover everything from scars, tattoos, stretch marks and varicose veins, the body foundation offers high coverage that’s buildable and extremely long lasting. Although it’s hard wearing, it’s quite light to the touch and super easy to apply – ensuring it’s easy to get great coverage and build up the base for a fab result. I’ve been using it on my face and it creates the most uniformed result I’ve ever experienced, providing the perfect base for makeup.

Although the lightest shade is still actually quite dark,
during the warmer months it’s still wearable and can create a more
healthy glow on porcelain skin. The texture is smooth and velvety to the
touch, but it dries quickly to leave a slightly tacky finish that
doesn’t budge for anything – once it’s on and dry, there’s no moving it
or re-blending. The foundation has a 16 hour hold,
as well as being water, sweat and rub resistant allowing for carefree
wear throughout the day. When I’ve been wearing this I’ve repeatedly had comments on how great my skin looks and how radiant my complexion is; the combination of the coverage (without feeling or looking heavy) with the hint of colour really provides a great result.

I’ve even tried applying this to my limbs, in the attempt to cover prominent veins and bruises, and it definitely helps to cover them and create a uniform shade. Although I wouldn’t have the patience to blend the formula all over, it’s great for covering imperfections and discolouration that could cause self confidence issues. For those looking for a potentially life-changing and confidence boosting product, then this could be it. I love the fact it comes in a 100ml tube, ensuring you get great value for money and don’t have to worry about running out any time soon; you need such a small amount at a time to build up coverage, that I wouldn’t be surpised if it lasted a whole year.
Complementary products within the range also include a fab concealer that covers dark circles without caking (great if you’re starting to see little fine lines like me,) and lasts all day – even when your eyes start to water. There’s also a foundation compact which provides heavier coverage and leaves a delicate matte finish; however, it can be quite drying and leave skin looking a little tired if you’re already feeling a little delicate underneath. Ensuring everything stays in place and skin looks picture perfect, there’s even a Setting Powder which can be buffed into skin to keep foundation locked down. The combination provides a great portfolio of products that can really help create a flawless finish – adding a touch of blush and highlighter will leave skin looking practically perfect.

The Vichy Dermablend Total Body Corrective Foundation is available online, priced £29.75 for 100ml. However, it’s currently available for £19.83 via – so get in quick!


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