NEW Targeted & Affordable Hair Care: Dove Advanced Hair Series

The hair on your head never requires just one kind of care. Gone are the days when it was enough to cater for dry, coloured or oily barnets and keep women happy; we all abuse our hair through colouring, electrical styling and UV damage, while simultaneously struggling with frizzy or limp locks. With the changing nature of hair maintainance comes the challenge of developing products that meet our ever demanding and evolving needs. Dove are attempting to offer their customers exactly what they want, with their new three part ‘Advanced Hair Series’ regimen. Including Oxygen Moisture, Youthful Vitality and Pure Care Dry Oil, the three cateogies aim to combine multiple needs in formulas that really help hair to look and feel like you want it to. Oxygen Moisture contains conditioning ingredients to give fine, flat hair up to 95% more body and volume without weighing it down. Youthful Vitality provides ageing hair with deep replenishment for fuller, more youthful-looking hair, while Pure Care Dry Oil contains luxurious oils to leave dull, dry hair nourished, up to five times silkier, free-flowing with shine.

Each range includes a shampoo, conditioner and targeted styling products, as well as a couple of great treatment masques for added care. As my hair is thin and has a tendency to go limp (as well as suffering with lack of hydration because of the colouring and styling I put it through,) Oxygen Moisture is the perfect range for me. The products include Dove’s ‘Oxyfusion Technology’ which combines with glycerine for a hit of moisture, as well as lightweight silicone to add smoothness and shine. I was surprised at how light the products feel and how much air is whipped into the formulas, leaving my hair feeling nourished without that heavy feeling that leaves my hair looking limp.

The result is bouncy hair that’s full of volume, without it feeling dry or un-stylable. Even with the shampoo, conditioner and treatment my hair is left feeling full of life and definitely a lot more voluminous than usual; with a touch of Root Lift Spray the result is even better. The targeted nozzle allows you to spray the liquid right into the roots, exactly where you need it, and ensure application is even throughout your hair – it’s not at all sticky or heavy on the hair, but just adds a touch more volume. The easiest way to apply is when hair is wet, using a brush to comb through before you dry using a hairdryer as usual.

Over time, hair can become thinner, dryer and more prone to damage. Unfortunately it’s not just our skin we have to look after as we age – our hair can prove to be just as troublesome. The Youthful Vitality sub-range helps to replenish lost nutrients so mature hair is left stronger, sleeker and full of life. The shampoo and conditioner provide the support you’d expect, but the BB Cream helps provide additional protection from UV damage as well as helping to improve manageability. It’s a great step if you want to add a touch of care to hair, without weighing it down or causing stickiness – although designed for ageing hair, it’s great for those needing a little day to day protection or simply wanting to make styling easier. In addition, the Thickening Essence is a more intense version of the Root Booster, providing hair with a natural lift and boost of body when it needs it most.

Finally, the Pure Care Dry Oil range is designed for hair that is coarse, dry and needs a little TLC. It aims to restore hair to its supple, shiny best without weighing it down or overloading it with product. Again, the shampoo and conditioner provide gentle care, while the Nourishing Balm is great at treating dry ends that are crying out for a little attention. Just apply the formula on the mid and end lengths of hair, leave for five minutes and they’ll feel much smoother and silkier. However, the two Dry Oil products provide all hair types with frizz fighting skills, while simultaneously nourishing and providing shine. They can be applied prior to shampooing for an intense treatment, or added to hair before styling to help control frizz and add silkiness; they don’t weigh hair down and you can gradually add a couple of drops as you go to ensure a perfect result.

This is a great range of products that really helps to target hair concerns and provide simple products to help our locks look their best. Although these aren’t a miracle answer to your hair dreams, they’re very pleasant to use and feel incredibly lightweight; it’s suprisingly hard to find products that add volume, reduce frizz and don’t leave hair feeling heavy or sticky. Although the styling products are designed for specific hair concerns, there’s no reason why you can’t mix and match them and ensure you’ve got a great portfolio of products. My personal favourites are the Oxygen Moisture Souffle Treatment, Root Boost and Pure Care Dry Oils – four products that provide me with hair that’s full of volume, whilst still being manageable. 

The Dove Advanced Hair Series launches into Boots on 11th June. Shampoos and Conditioners are priced £5.99, Treatments and Styling Products £6.99 and Dry Oils £9.99 each.



  1. Laura Chapman
    June 7, 2014 / 7:56 pm

    As someone with fine and flat hair, I am really excited to try out this new collection. A lot of products for fine hair are not nourishing enough and the ones that are, weight my hair down. Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  2. Payal
    June 8, 2014 / 11:03 am

    Looks Like a party for my hair 😉

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