#NeutrogenaNourish: Join Me To Discuss Skin, Nutrition & Win Prizes!

The makers of Neutrogena believe beautiful skin always starts with healthy skin. Originally developed in 1930 with dermatologists for dry skin or spot-prone skins, the Neutrogena range offers gentle yet effective products.  The new Neutrogena Nourishing Body Moisturising range with Nordic Berry combines the moisturising expertise of the Norwegian Formula, with added Nordic Berry. Also known as cloud berry, Nordic Berry is a Scandinavian super fruit which can survive in extreme Arctic temperatures – making it extremely resilient. It’s also known for its anti-oxidant qualities and is packed full of Vitamin C. The non-greasy lotions are formulated with generous amounts of glycerin, working with the body’s natural processes to transform dry skin into soft, nourished and beautiful skin. Having been shown to enhance the skin’s hydration by 50%* and produce significant improvements after as little as 2 weeks, these body moisturising products can lead to a more beautiful and healthy-looking skin.

Not only do the products feel fabulous to use, but they leave skin looking super soft and ready to be shown off during  the forthcoming warmer weather. However, great skin isn’t just down to what you use on the outside – it starts from what you put in to the inside. This Sunday I’m teaming up with the team from Neutrogena and expert Ian Marber to discuss all things skin, as well as nutrition – there are so many super foods and tasty treats you can munch on to keep yourself looking and feeling great. From 6-7pm on Sunday 8th June, use the hashtag #NeutrogenaNourish to ask questions and let us know your top tips for keeping your limbs looking healthy. Are you a fan of the kale craze, green smoothies, chia seeds or blueberries? Or do you want to know the five super foods you should be integrating into your diet every week? Join us on Twitter to discuss all that and more… Plus I’ll be giving away 10 Neutrogena Nordic Berry beauty hampers so your skin can look and feel great. See you Sunday 6-7pm… And don’t forget the hashtag #NeutrogenaNourish!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Neutrogena
* Study on 18 subjects – average water content of the skin, in vivo measurements 7 hours after application.


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  1. Mary Bloomy
    June 7, 2014 / 10:12 pm

    What a great idea to have a chat on twitter about skin! I'm excited! xx

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