Kadalys Banana Balm: Fruity Lipbalm With A Caribbean Touch

You either love bananas or you hate them. For me, they’re a fruit I could eat by the truckload. The scent reminds me of tropical summers and holidays in the sun, as well as being comforting without bringing the sickly sweetness you get with some other fruits. Kadalys has only just hit our shores in the UK, bringing the benefit of the banana tree (used in Caribbean traditional medicine for centuries,) to the cosmetics world for the first time. No other brand currently makes use of this fruit, tree or skin (known for its soothing and healing properties,) making Kadalys somewhat of a revolutionary. Although there are lots of other great products within their range, the hero is definitely the delicate Banana Balm – 100% organic, it brings hydration and smoothness to lips with an added delicate banana scent.

The formula includes a combination of organic oils and creamy, moisturizing waxes.
The banana active ingredient, castor oil and Rosa Mosqueta provide
hydration, regeneration and nutrition, leaving lips instantly soothed
with a feeling of smoothness. It’s non-greasy and feels almost invisible on the lips, providing just a hint of banana sweetness within the scent that becomes a little addictive. I’m a massive lip balm fiend, having nearly one hundred in my collection, but this has definitely become a favourite. It provides a great quality finish, instant hydration, a delicate addictive scent and even a super cute pot. I foresee this becoming a cult product in the years to come, so get in on the secret before everyone else…!

The Kadalys Banana Balm is available online priced £9.95.


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  1. Katherine Joan
    May 9, 2014 / 5:01 pm

    Bananas are my favorite fruit jajajaja I must have this!Love your blog, so inspiring <3Hugs from Panama!www.thebeautycandle.blogspot.com

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