Brand Focus #22: Indeed Labs

Indeed Labs first burst onto the beauty scene a few years back with their game-changing skin perfector, Nanoblur. Founded in 2007, this Canadian cosmetics company was born out of our desire for constant, camera-ready skin. Since then, Indeed Labs has progressed to release a whole host of top-notch, innovative products – many of which have taken the beauty industry by storm. What’s quite unique about Indeed Labs is that so much importance is placed upon the need for products to actually do what they say on their tube (or pot, or tub.) This means there are no hyped-up claims, no gimmicks, no fancy packaging, no nothing. Go on, just check out their super clinical (almost boring) packaging, if you don’t believe me.

Instead, Indeed Labs focuses on turning new cosmetological advances into real results for our skin. By using high concentrations of some pretty rare active ingredients (sourced from clinical labs as far afield as the US, Spain and Switzerland,) their products provide many a skin-beautifying benefit. High tech, indeed. If you fancy getting better acquainted with Indeed Labs’ skincare, why not start off with a moisture boost, courtesy of their Hydraluron (£24.99/30ml) serum? Jam-packed full of red marine algae and a super-pure form of hyaluronic acid to help keep skin hydrated, this is one of my Sahara-dry skin’s fave face-savers.

Or, go ahead and jump right on that Nanoblur (£19.99/30ml) bandwagon by investing in their skin perfecting cream. Applied either under, over, or mixed in with your make-up, this helps minimise the appearance of those pesky lines and pores. Yes, please. Alternatively, get your hands on Indeed Labs’ peptide-packed Snoxin serum (to counteract the ageing process) by indulging in their cheeky, little three-piece travel set (£12.99) that’s out now. Indeed Labs’ products can be purchased via Boots online or in their larger stores, nationwide. Plus, they’re often included in Boots’ three for two promotions or double points events.

Now, it’s over to you? Are you already an Indeed Labs fanatic? If not, do you think you’ll be giving their products a whirl now?

Written by Michelle Harrison


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