Reading Up On Beauty: Great Books To Help Change Your Routine

Although the internet as an information resource is booming, and blogs are becoming ever more popular, there’s something about a tangible book that can’t be beaten. I love sitting down with a good book, discovering a fascinating fact or learning what I can do to improve my health and beauty routine. There’s nothing quite like understanding how you can get rid of bingo wings, what super foods can help your skin to glow or what the best at-home face mask recipe is. If you’re a fan of self discovery, then I’ve found five books that could really help you to revolutionise your exercise regime, diet and beauty product repertoire.

1. The Fat Burn Revolution (by Julia Buckley) £16.99
Leading fitness journalist and trainer Julia Buckley shares her tips to condition your body for optimum fat burning – even when
you’re not exercising. This bright and bold book is easy to digest, containing numerous exercise tips and simple guides to have you working out in the comfort of your home. If you have stubborn fat or don’t understand what you’re doing wrong within your current routine, then this guide helps make it easy to progress and achieve your goals. I’m not one for exercise guides or working out, but this enjoyable book makes a lean body seem achievable and gave me the kick start I needed.

2. Natural Beauty (by Karen Gilbert) £12.99
Our bathrooms are filled to the brim with shampoos, face masks, moisturisers and body washes – but we don’t really know what chemicals and ‘nasties’ they contain. Within ‘Natural Beauty,’ natural skincare and fragrance expert Karen Gilbert shows us how to make our own lotions and potions at home, using readily available and natural ingredients. The easy-to-follow methods include step-by-step photography to keep you on the right track, making it simple to achieve what you previously thought impossible. Karen shows us how to make everything from lip balm to body butter, making discovering beauty a great weekend pastime.

3. Idiot’s Guide to Making Natural Beauty Products £12.99
This handy guide includes 200 recipes for making luxurious facial and body-care products, friendly to both your skin and the environment. As well as clear explanations of cosmetic ingredients and their negative effects on the skin, this guide includes simple explanations of essential oils along with the health benefits of making your own toxin-free beauty products. This book doesn’t just cover the usual face cream and treatment mask recipe, but helps you make everything from nail varnish to eye pencil – you’ll be amazed at what you can make yourself.

4. Eat Yourself Beautiful (by Lee Holmes) £14.99
Having great skin isn’t just about spending a fortune on the latest serum innovation – it starts from within. It’s well been documented that reducing alcohol, caffeine and sugar can help slow the ageing process, while the French and Italian diet is known to have a positive impact on their appearance. ‘Eat Yourself Beautiful’ helps to explain what you should avoid, what you should add into your diet and what you should replace, as well as bringing tips to life through tasty recipes. If you’re keen to understand how you can revolutionise your beauty routine from within, this is a great starting point.

5. Danger! Cosmetics To Go (The Story of Lush) £19.99
A must for all fans of Lush, this book outlines the story of some of our most favourite products – before Lush was even born. ‘Cosmetics To Go’ tells the story of the meteoric rise and devastating fall of the dynamic company that came before, including details about bath bombs and massage balms were born. Containing behind-the-scenes photos, original artwork and testimonies from those that worked on the brand, this is a fascinating insight into a company that helped to change the face of high street beauty.

Do you like snuggling up with a good book? Do you have any key reads that have taught you key skills or changed your view of beauty?



  1. Catherine Beck
    April 6, 2014 / 9:00 pm

    I have the Natural Beauty book myself and love it, will definitely give your other recommendations a look too. I totally agree that it's nice to look at a book sometimes and learn new things. xxx

  2. Tamsin Wong
    April 7, 2014 / 2:58 pm

    Thanks for the recommendations..I totally agree with what you first said! Even though I can use the internet for so many resources I still love the idea of owning and having an informative, colourful book that can be physically held

  3. Ana Brown
    April 14, 2014 / 1:36 am

    These are def interesting books. Good thing I have passed by your blog for I am really finding great books to read since I will be having a 4 day vacation from work. I will def check on these….

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