LBQ’s Top Tips: Five Beauty Products Your Man Can Use Too

If you’ve ever argued with your man over the space your beauty products take up in the bathroom, then maybe you need to get him involved in the fun. There are so many products that the men in our lives can use too, helping them look tip top without smelling like candyfloss and strawberries. We all know they cheekily use our face creams, steal our luxurious bath oils and even play with our hair products, but what little gems can we openly share with them and help bring a little beauty into their lives? Here are the top five products in your repertoire that your man can use too.

1. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
This multi-functional wonder product isn’t just for girls. Not only is it a great lipbalm, but it soothes dry skin, is great for sunburn and even helps to restore painful cracked heels. Once I introduced it to my man he started calling it ‘magic potion’ – we now have a daily battle as to who is going to take the tube with them for the day. The fragrance free version is great for guys, plus the waxy formula makes it feel a little less girly.

2. Burt’s Bees Lipbalm
The original soothing lipbalm, Burt’s Bees is formulated with natural beeswax and has a refreshing menthol scent. As the original variant contains nothing sweet and is a neutral yellow colour, it’s totally man appropriate while leaving their lips kissable. The little tubes are small enough to be slipped into their pocket and still look cool when they apply on the go.

3. Face B4 Face Wash
This slightly medicinally scented foaming face wash is great at killing bacteria and preventing breakouts. It contains a cleanser and toner in one (which mixes automatically as the product is released,) so it’s super easy for a lazy boy to use every morning in the shower. It’s non-abrasive and doesn’t strip the skin, making it a product he’ll love to use as much as you.

4. Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream
You’ll often find that the condition of your man’s hands is so much worse than your own. They’re just not used to using hand creams, so their digits get neglected. Crabtree & Evelyn have a fab range of hand creams with savoury scents, making them both effective and man appropriate. Try giving them a tube of Tarocco Orange, or even a specialist Gardeners Hand Cream, which will become as addictive as your rose scented version.

5. E45 Body Lotion
A great product for every body moisturising need, E45 is odourless and contains no nasties – great for convincing the men in your life to add a touch of nourishment to their limbs. Their bottles are huge, ensuring that you can even share a supply between the two of you and make it into a morning ritual. Who said you couldn’t bond over moisturising?

Do you share any of your beauty products with the man in your life? Will you be introducing him to any of my top picks?


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  1. Sophie Ollis
    April 18, 2014 / 10:42 am

    Men certainly love a bit of pampering, too. I know men who LOVE sifting through my stash :)Check out my new 'It's a Steal' series. This week:

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