Remington Big Style Air Rollers: Get The Perfect Blowdry At Home!

I’ve always lusted after big blowdried hair, never being able to recreate it myself at home. Whenever I’m in the hairdresser’s chair, I’m in awe of their ability to multitask and juggle both a brush and hairdryer without a care in the world; when I attempt such a task it ends up with a brush on one side of the room and me on the other. Although there have been many electrical gadgets launched to solve the problem, until now they’ve left me rather underwhelmed and feeling like it was just another product I didn’t need. Remington’s Big Style Air Rollers have, however, become a welcome addition to my hair maintenance programme – especially as I’m making a concerted effort to minimise the amount of time I spend with my straighteners. Their Big Style styler is a great alternative to heated rollers or blow drying with a round brush; the set comes with 15 self-grip rollers (so there’s no need for clips or pins,) as well as two attachments to help you get big bouncy hair in minutes.

If you struggle blowdrying effectively with a brush, then the brush
attachment on the Big Style is an absolute dream. It heats up to dry
and style hair from wet (something I was dubious about,) and leaves your
locks bouncy and shiny. I have mid-length hair that has a tendency to
frizz and curl, but this styler helped me to achieve volume without the
dreaded ‘halo’ of frizz on my crown. The barrel allows you to dry and
style simultaneously, curling the ends and smoothing the finish without
the need for a GVNQ in hair styling. Although it does take a little
longer than normal drying, this is great for those days when you want to
look a little more polished and and have a few extra minutes to do so.

within the Big Style pack are 15 self-grip rollers in three sizes –
small, medium and large – so you can achieve the result you want. These
can either be applied by hand, or via the Big Style styler; a separate
attachment is added to hold the rollers, you heat them for a few seconds
and then release into the hair. They really do grip onto hair exactly
where you need them to, leaving you to continue to add rollers to the
remainder of your head and toodle on with your makeup. I tend to leave
them in for around ten minutes before easily sliding them out of my
hair; the result is lots of bounce, a delicate curl and a blowdry
straight from the salon chair.

If you want to perfect
your style and smooth out sections of hair, there’s even a precision
nozzle to delicately re-style small sections. All of these gadgets are
housed in a large plastic case with two layers, making it easy to store
the curlers in one layer and the Big Style styler in the other – no lost
curlers or attachments floating around your bedroom! Although the curl does drop after a few hours if you don’t add a touch of hairspray, I’m still really pleased with the overall effect and the fact I don’t have to use my straighteners to achieve a smooth and styled result. This bumper pack is £44.99, which is pretty good value if you get some serious use out of it – especially if it helps to reduce the damage on your hair from endless GHD abuse! 

The Remington Big Style Air Rollers are available from Boots priced £44.99 – however, they’re currently on offer for £29.99!


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