NEW From Urban Decay: Electric Eyeshadow Palette

Are you a serious colour junkie? Do you love the bold eye looks and striking colours that are due to be so on-trend this summer? Then Urban Decay‘s latest eyeshadow palette launch is just the ticket; Electric contains ten amazing shades of colour that can be used not only as an eyeshadow, but as blusher and lip colours too. Although they’re famous for the subtlety of the Naked palette, colour has always been at the heart of Urban Decay so it’s great to see them going back to their roots. This palette isn’t for everyone, but if you love being creative and experimenting with colour it could just make you go weak at the knees…

Containing blue, pink, green, orange, yellow, silver and purple, the palette is like a rainbow of dreams. The eyeshadow texture is extremely soft and creamy (which is why I love Urban Decay shadows so much,) whilst providing a shocking amount of pigment when applied. This isn’t for the feignthearted, but it does encourage us all to be a little more experimental; created as an artistry palette, Urban Decay are encouraging us to use the colours in lots of different ways – the pinks and oranges can be used as blush and lip colour, the silver as a highlighter, and the darker shades as eyeliners. The palette also comes with a super handy double-ended brush, with loose bristles on one end and a precision tip on the other, so you can apply the colour with perfection.
The colours in the palette include:
REVOLT – bright metallic silver shimmer with silver glitter
GONZO – bright turquoise matte with floating tonal pearl
SLOWBURN – bright red-orange matte with floating pearl
SAVAGE – bright hot pink matte
FRINGE – bright metallic teal
CHAOS – bright blue matte with floating tonal pearl
JILTED – bright metallic fuchsia with blue shift
URBAN – bright metallic purple
FREAK – bright green with gold shift
THRASH – bright lime green matte with floating gold pearl

I do love this palette, although I don’t know how often I’ll be daring enough to use it! It’s so great to see so many bold colours and an on-trend collection of shades that can be used to create bright eyes or statement flicks. However, when I posted a picture on Instagram of this palette I recieved a few comments from worried readers about the suitability of the shades for the eye area. I contacted Urban Decay, who provided an explanation as to why in the US there have been a few issues and assured me that the palette is completely safe to use in the UK. FYI, here’s the statement in full from Urban Decay on the suitablility of the pigment for the eye area:

created the Electric Pressed Pigment Palette with artistry in mind.
Using pressed pigments was the only way for us to create heavily
saturated brights with the intense pigment load we craved. Traditional
eyeshadow formulas just wouldn’t cut it. To achieve shades like these,
we started with our existing Eyeshadow formula and modified it to create
a new Pressed Pigment formula.Everywhere but the U.S., the
Electric Palette is an eyeshadow palette. Because of a technicality, in
the U.S. it’s considered a multiuse artistry palette. To get the most
out of this palette, experiment and see what works for you. You can use
the Electric Palette all over (and that’s where the creativity comes
in!).A few shades contain a colorant that has not yet been
approved for the use around the immediate eye area. However, this
restriction only applies in the U.S.; in every other country where Urban
Decay is sold, these shades are approved for use around the eyes.Bottom
line? We didn’t want to limit the Electric Palette to eyeshadow. It’s
an artistry palette with unlimited possibilities! How you use these
shades is up to you. (And no matter where you use them, you’ll get
insane colour payout.)”  

Are you excited for this new collection? Will you be daring enough to wear bright orange eyes?

The palette is available from 1st April priced £38.00, via Debenhams and House of Fraser.



  1. Ciara Pollock
    March 18, 2014 / 10:43 am

    wow the swatches are so pigmented! this does look gorgeous but I don't think I'd make much use of it.. x

  2. MishMreow M
    March 18, 2014 / 12:16 pm

    I really can't wait for this to release here, I'm glad we now have an official release date, i'll be the first person to go get it that day ^^

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