My Love Affair With DKNY Be Delicious (Now Available In City Blossom)

It’s been proven endless times that your sense of smell can evoke memories and emotions like no other sense can. It may be the smell of bread takes you back to your childhood kitchen, the fragrance of a passing man reminding you of an ex that broke your heart, or simply the notes of furniture polish transporting you back to your grandmother’s living room. For me, DKNY’s Be Delicious is one of those scents that instantly reminds me of my youth and the fun times that were had, before I was a ‘proper grown up’ with responsibilities and a future to prepare for. The light apple notes and woody base instantly put a smile on my face and have me reminiscing about those days when I spent more time dancing the night away in a dingy pub than is probably socially acceptable to do so. Be Delicious was the first fragrance I actually chose for myself, so for me it signifies independence, strength of character and the optimism that only comes with being fresh out of Uni with a future as yet unwritten.

Before my love affair with Be Delicious started, I’d always inherited perfumes from my mother or been given them as birthday gifts. Although I was often taken on trips to choose a scent I liked, the pressure of the sales assistant combined with other people’s taste inevitably left me picking something that was probably a little more mature than I needed. Be Delicious was the first scent I smelt that instantly made me say “I want that.” You could say it was love at first sniff! I wore it for about five great years before my fragrance wardrobe expanded rapidly and it got shunned to the back of the shelf, in favour of more exotic and complex scents.

I was recently reintroduced to Be Delicious via its sister scent Be Delicious: City Blossom. Although the two are extremely similar, the blossom variant has just a hint more of floral to make it reminiscent of New York flower markets and walking through the West Village. Ever since I’ve gotten my hands on this extension I’ve worn the fragrance daily, it becoming a great companion for spring days when I need a little uplifting – especially when it’s a little dull or raining outside my window. If you love the original as much as I do, then you’ll definitely love the City Blossom scents and fragrance extensions now available. If you, like me, can remember the days when Be Delicious was the scent to be smelt in, then maybe you should reignite your love affair with the apple scent too… Are you a fan of Be Delicious? Do you have a fragrance that means a lot to you? 
DKNY Be Delicious is available nationwide priced £34.99 for 30ml.



  1. Sophie Lovegrove
    March 18, 2014 / 5:56 pm

    The sent that evokes the most memories for me would be my mums Elizabeth Arden sent that she always wears

  2. Catherine Beck
    March 18, 2014 / 9:46 pm

    How funny, I was talking about this scent with my mum this afternoon, it's always been one of my favourites and I remember buying my first bottle when it first came out. I absolutely love the apple scent of this one. Must buy it again soon.

  3. Dagmara Klich
    March 19, 2014 / 4:40 pm

    This perfume is one of my first one bought with my own money and I loved it. The Blossom one I've been buying for a few years as it's one of my favourite spring scents!

  4. Antuanete
    March 20, 2014 / 9:48 am

    Yes, the new limited edition line is very nice, great for springtime. My favorite from this line is Urban Violet, but i loooove the green apple as well. 🙂

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