Liz Black partners with Face Lace at London Fashion Week

Back in February, I jumped at the chance to go backstage at London Fashion Week and report on the surreal collaboration between fashion designer Liz Black and Phyllis Cohen, founder of Face Lace. As I headed up stairs and snuck backstage to speak with Phyllis Cohen, I walked into pure madness. Pre-show prep is quite a thing to witness: it seems like three people were designated to pull or slick the model’s hair into tight ponytails or wet-gel bob, as well as creating a lovely dewy effect with strong highlights on the models skin. As I’m a BIG eye makeup person, the Salvador Dali inspired eyes used
on the models had to be my favourite touch. The eyes were an electric
mix of magenta, rose and glitter that transitioned into vivid lobsters.
It was absolutely breathtaking, but of course Phyllis Cohen took it one
step further by placing little ants that crawled down the models’ faces,
shoulders and arms. I took the opportunity to grab a few words and find out more about Face Lace and their London Fashion Week collaboration.

What made you choose to work with Liz Black on her collection being shown today?
PHYLLIS: I went to meet with Liz and she told me that the inspiration for this show was based on Salvador Dali, and I just immediately thought “ants!” I spent a lot of years at art school and I love artists, so whenever someone gives me a theme based on an artists work I have a million ideas – which was great as [Liz] was very opened minded and accepting of anything. We had a little discussion about the motifs she was interested in (i.e. the lobsters, ants and skulls.) In fact her whole environment was like a Salvador shrine. She had a little film on her TV and pictures everywhere; it was just a fantastic creative environment.

How did you decide on the colour scheme for this show?
PHYLLIS: Trying to ride the tail of fashion and be conscious of what is happening, so for fall/winter, we really wanted to work with the plums and metallics. I really think that metallic shades will be making a bit of a comeback this year.

Which of these looks do you think could become more commercial or can be carried over into everyday wear?
PHYLLIS: Well we have a lot of Face Laces available on our site, so if you are not interested in lobsters we have something to suit you if you are brave enough to wear a Face Lace.

You have something to suit everyone’s creativity levels…
PHYLLIS: Exactly!

Written by Annie Amusu



  1. Beautykinguk
    March 8, 2014 / 1:11 pm

    Not too sure about that lobster facepaint, can't imagine anyone wearing that on a night

  2. Lubka Christova
    March 8, 2014 / 1:13 pm

    New products from BodyShop? I need to go and try them :)))

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