NEW From Nivea: Powder Touch 48hr Anti-Perspirant

Deodorant may not be the top of our list when it comes to a Saturday afternoon beauty purchases, but without a reliable and subtle scented tube, tin or bottle we’re all definitely left feeling a little uncomfortable. I’m very loyal to my deodorant brands and formulas, having previously suffered from burns and irritation that have left my armpits uncomfortable and red for days, but this new collection from Nivea is definitely being added to my ‘nice’ list. Powder Touch is a new collection of 48hr anti-antiperspirants that have a delicate scent that reminds me of baby powder and clean cotton sheets; the fragrance combines the classic scents of Rose and Lily of the Valley to ensure it’s extremely comforting and universally approved.

Available in a cream, liquid or spray format to
ensure your preference
is catered for, the formula is ultra-light and contains the natural
mineral Kaolin Powder, known for its soft and absorbent qualities. The
formulas dry practically instantaneously, leaving your underarms feeling
soft, smooth and protected. There’s no sticky feeling and I’m left
feeling prepared for everything the day has in store for me, removing
the worry of becoming hot and bothered. I personally prefer the cream
from the trio available, it being comparable to the Dove sticks I’ve
been using for at least five years, and will definitely be re-purchasing
this when I next need to stock up on essentials. As for the 48hr claim –
I honestly hope I never have to put that to the test!

Find out more about Powder Touch on the Nivea website. Available now from £2.10 in all Boots, Superdrug and supermarkets.



  1. Laura Chapman
    February 16, 2014 / 2:35 pm

    The scent of this sounds lovely, although I don't really find brands like Dove, Sure and Nivea work on my skin anymore (this could be to do with some prescription medicine), so I have to use deodorants like Mitchum which I find works really, really well.Laura x | Life and Lipstick

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