NEW From Molton Brown: Aroma Reeds (Home Fragrance)

Since I’ve had my own flat I’ve become a little obsessed with home fragrance. I’ve always had a thing for candles (even covering my room from head to toe when a teenager and frequently causing a fire hazard,) but since my flat has become my very own nest I’ve become even more interested in the ambiance of each room. Although candles can provide a temporary uplift or provide a relaxing scent, reed diffusers offer a subtle long-term injection of fragrance into a room that’s also cost effective. I love reed diffusers because they can also act as a decorative piece on a windowsill, or sit proudly upon a fireplace. Until now I’ve been using reeds from Jo Malone and Rituals, but the king of fragrance Molton Brown have now launched their very own line in some of their classic fragrances, and they’re really rather swish. 

The simple and elegant design ensures that this diffuser would slip into any room with ease, as well as providing an easy indication of the level of oil remaining thanks to the transparent glass bottle. You get a hefty amount of oil in these too, with 150ml being enough to keep your home smelling nice for around six months (from my past experience!) The chunky reeds ensure that the fragrance is absorbed and slowly released into the surrounding air over time, preventing any offensive strong odour from taking over.

I’ve been given cheap and cheerful reed diffusers as gifts before and there’s simply no comparison; the oil is runny and tends to be absorbed super quickly, making the scent overpowering. One of the diffusers I received at Christmas has already nearly run out in only six weeks, making a more premium purchase worth the extra cost. These are available for £44.00 for 150ml, making them cheaper than the Jo Malone version at £54.00 (although you get an additional 15ml,) and much more effective than the Rituals version which is £19.00 but doesn’t give off a great amount of scent.

Unlike those horrendous pebble things from Air Wick, this is an investment to be proud of and to really enjoy. The fragrance helps to create a warm, welcoming feeling when you step through the door after a long day at work – as well as creating an environment for you to be proud of when entertaining guests. They come packaged in a fabulous box too, making them a perfect gift for Valentines or even a treat for your mum this Mother’s Day.

The Molton Brown Aroma Reeds are available in various fragrances priced £44.00 each for 150ml.


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