NEW: Aquafresh High Definition (HD) Toothbrush & Paste

The world has gone HD mad. With the introduction of HD television, we’re more and more concerned about having a high definition makeup finish and ensuring we look as flawless as possible… But HD-Ready toothpaste? Aquafresh will always be the brand that made toothpaste fun, with their iconic adverts encouraging all the family to get involved; the triple-action stripe of colour is still their defining feature, but they’re continually innovating and producing dental products that meet the needs of an ever-evolving consumer in 2014. With the launch of this High Definition toothpaste and brush, they claim to provide three times better whitening and an illuminating effect to help teeth glow – something that’s becoming an essential part of any beauty routine.

The new toothpaste contains Aquafresh’s unique ultra-fine Illumipearls technology, which starts removing stains and polishing the surfaces of your teeth from the first brush. It claims to give you up to three times better whitening vs an ordinary toothpaste too, helping your gnashers to look their best. The complimentary toothbrush contains a flexible head, soft bristles that get to work without causing discomfort and a perfectly-shaped head to get around your teeth effectively. I really like Aquafresh toothpaste anyway, but this leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh, while teeth are left smooth and sparkling. I’m not so sure that this will give you Simon Cowell coloured teeth, but it may help to start budging irritating coffee stains from the surface and prevent more extreme measures.

Personally I haven’t noticed any difference, but I’m always happy to upgrade to a whitening version of a toothpaste just in case. As for the ‘high definition’ claim, I do always love to see brands innovating and tapping into trends and this is definitely a new one on the toothpaste market for me. As we’re always striving for perfection and demanding more and more from our products, this HD toothpaste falls right into our hands and will no doubt be super popular amongst a community of tooth-obsessed beauty lovers. Would you give HD toothpaste a go?

The Aquafresh HD toothpaste is available now priced £3.49 for a 75ml tube.



  1. Melanie Lewis
    February 12, 2014 / 11:59 am

    I always end up trying all the new whitening toothpaste, I figure if I need to use toothpaste why not use a whitening one? I have tried so many of them, the best one I have used is probably the Beverly Hills Formula but I think I may have to give this one a go as well :D

  2. Aerin Downs
    February 13, 2014 / 12:19 pm

    This is so cute :)!BerrieBlogs – Beauty Blog x

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