Trevor Sorbie Travel Companions: Frizz Free Shampoo & Conditioner

Having spent the last few days in Paris, I needed all my beauty products to be small and mighty. I hate traveling and having to reduce the amount of lotions and potions in my luggage; I don’t want a reduction in size to have an impact on my routine, the way I’m looking or the way I’m feeling. These super cute tubes of shampoo and conditioner from Trevor Sorbie fitted the bill perfectly, providing 100ml of goodness so as to last much longer than the two showers worth you normally get in travel sizes. Historically, Trevor Sorbie has looked a bit naff and hasn’t really been able to compete with the other great hair products popping up in Boots over the last five years; however, with a bit of a re-design and a re-focus on the range, the products are easier to navigate and much more pleasurable to use.

These ‘frizz free’ shampoo and conditioner tubes claim to replenish moisture and add shine, as well as leaving hair free from flyaways and ‘halo’ frizz that sits just above the surface. They’re both pleasurable to use, the shampoo lathering well to leave hair feeling clean and the conditioner penetrating deep to leave hair feeling nourished, while providing a good level of shine and control. Although these didn’t provide me with the moisture hit I was after (my hair did start to feel a little dry towards the afternoon and my ends started to look a little frazzled,) these still provided me with on-the-go goodness that didn’t take me over my luggage allowance.

Importantly, the products didn’t weigh down my hair or remove all the volume (which is so often the case with frizz reducing conditioners,) just reduce the amount of frizz I would’ve otherwise experienced. These aren’t the best frizz-busting products by a long shot, but they were more than fit for purpose for a few days away. The 100ml tubes are the perfect size for a mini holiday or work excursion, and at £2.99 each they won’t even eat into your holiday funds. Definitely one to pick up at the airport…

The Trevor Sorbie ‘Frizz Free’ shampoo and conditioner is available from Boots stores and online. 100ml (pictured) RRP £2.99 each, while the 250ml bottles RRP £5.29.


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  1. Aerin Downs
    January 29, 2014 / 8:25 am

    I need to try this! Berrie-Blogs: Beauty Blog x

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