Sampar: Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub

With the harsh winter winds hammering against our skin, as well as central heating playing havoc with moisture levels in the upper layers, regularly buffing your skin becomes an essential part of any routine. I’m a big fan of body scrubs, polishes and buffers that help remove the dead skin from the surface and prevent the build up that can make our skin appear dull. A light scrub used three times a week can help your skin feel smoother, absorb moisturiser more effectively and look healthier. Sampar are a relatively new brand to the UK, hailing from Parisian shores, but they have a comprehensive range of body and skincare products to help us look tip top. Their Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub provides a delicate and subtle treatment to tired and dull skin, in a format that’s both practical and effective.

The scrub itself is made of sea salt, beeswax and stimulating essential oils to ensure an at-home ‘spa experience’ every time you use it. (It smells divine, but not overpowering.) It helps to restore the skin’s original softness by lightly buffing the surface and helping to wash away dead skin cells that only weigh us down. The reason I like this scrub is amost contradictory: I love it because it’s not too harsh. So many skin scrubs are so full of rough kernels and chunky salt that they feel like sandpaper on your limbs; a exfoliator should feel pleasant to use and as if it’s really helping skin, rather than damaging it further and causing other issues. This scrub from Sampar is really light (without being ineffective,) but you still only need a little amount in the hands to get the best from the product.

So many other scrubs are also formulated to wash away from the skin easily, but lack the resistance we need to ensure they can be used in the shower. More often than not you add a blob of scrub to skin, and before you’ve had a chance to buff away the badness it’s been washed away with the shower water. Sampar’s Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub benefits from the beeswax, ensuring it stays where you want it to (even under a running shower) to ensure it can be put to work until you want to wash it away. This is light enough to use almost daily, ensuring it fits into your routine with ease and doesn’t leave your skin looking red raw. Although this isn’t cheap (£43 for a tub,) it’s fabulous to use and leaves no greasy residue on the skin. Definitely an indulgence for payday…

The Sampar Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub is available online priced £43.00


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