Pantene Pro-V: Intensive Colour Damage Rescue Conditioner

My hair is in serious need of damage limitation. I’ve been using a lot of different products to help me through my pre-cut stage (where no matter what you do, your hair looks as sleek and styled as a troll and you end up lobbing it off,) but more often than not it’s beyond help. Although the various shampoos and conditioners in my bathroom have helped to a certain degree, my hair is still in need of an added boost. Pantene isn’t a brand I’d normally turn to (knowing that most of their products are packed full of nasty silicone that weighs down hair and makes it look greasy after those first few weeks of a ‘dazzling shine’,) this tube of Damage Rescue Conditioner kept calling me. It contains 15x more nutrients than their shampoos and is specifically formulated for use on coloured hair. It claims to repair up to two months of surface damage in only two minutes, leaving hair smooth and shiny – but does it stand up to its promises?

The conditioner can be used as a weekly treatment to prevent the dreaded Pantene build-up (although this doesn’t appear to contain silicone!) and give your hair a little boost. The formula is thick and creamy, ensuring there’s no dripping or wastage – it can be applied from the roots upwards and massaged into hair to get the nutrients working. Leaving it for 2-5mins while you do other shower-related things works well, washing it away to reveal soft and strong feeling hair. This really does provide an injection of goodness to my hair, specifically to the ends and mid-sections where it’s been heat styled and dyed within an inch of its life.  Although I haven’t noticed any specific difference to my colour, it doesn’t encourage fade and it ensures the finished result reflects the light to make my hair look super shiny and healthy. When my daily conditioner doesn’t leave my hair feeling like I’d like, or just before a big night out, this has become quite a reliable friend. Considering it’s only £4.49, it’s well worth picking up and giving a go… It’s purse and hair friendly!

You can grab the Pantene Pro-V Intensive Colour Damage Rescue Conditioner for around £4.49 from all good supermarkets and chemists.



  1. Tween Berrie
    January 13, 2014 / 8:44 am

    I normally never go for Pantene for the same exact reason! I just feel like it never repairs your hair and it just masks the damage! Might try this though it sounds fab 🙂 xx

  2. Chloe Walker
    January 13, 2014 / 8:59 am

    Another one of my new years resolution is to pay more attention to my hair dont get me wrong I do the usual heat defence wash it every 3 days marlarky but I want to deep condition it once a week etc so I may give this a go!

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