NEW From Nivea: Cellular Anti-Age Skin Rejuvination

With more than 100 years of skin care expertise, Nivea has become a household name that offers more than just moisturiser. Their little blue pots of cream have become a skincare staple for men and women, young and old, but there’s so much more to their brand. In one of the most important research centers worldwide, Nivea embarked on a journey to design a new face care range that answered the high (and ever changing) expectations women have towards anti-ageing products. More than 8,500 women, as well as an extensive team of scientists, were involved in the development process (one of the largest in the history of Nivea’s history) and the outcome was the new innovative Cellular Anti-Age Skin Rejuvination range. The range of four products (a day cream, night cream, serum and eye cream,) contain a unique combination of anti-ageing ingredients that include magnolia extract, hyaluronic acid and creatine. Nivea claim that these four products help to both increase firmness and noticeably reduce the appearance of wrinkles, leaving us with the skin we wish we had. But can a £14.99 pot of cream really help turn back the clock?


I’ve been using these products for a couple of weeks now and they’ve slipped into my routine with ease. The texture of the creams, as well as the scent, feels traditionally ‘Nivea’ (if you’re a fan of the basic blue pots you’ll know what I mean!) The day cream is thick and rich, without being too heavy or greasy; you only need a small amount to thoroughly moisturise the face, the cream absorbing into the skin within a few minutes with no residue left behind. The instant feeling left on the skin is one of smooth and hydrated skin, that’s a little plumper and lifted – so many creams don’t really feel like they’re doing much, but the hyaluronic acid helps to leave the skin looking and feeling pretty good. (Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like water holding molecule that acts as a ‘space filler’ in our skin, especially useful in anti-ageing products and face creams.)

The night cream acts in a similar fashion, absorbing into the skin well to leave the surface feeling hydrated. Although I haven’t been waking up and looking like I’ve slept away five years, there’s no dryness or irritation in the morning which can sometimes be caused by rich creams. It’s a good complementary product to enhance the qualities of the day cream and ensure the skin continues to absorb the ‘anti-ageing’ ingredients. In addition, the eye cream is especially designed for the delicate area around the eyes, replenishing moisture, smoothing fine lines and ensuring skin looks refreshed. The targeted nozzle allows you to squeeze out a tiny amount, which can be applied to the under-eye area and left to absorb in seconds; however, although it’s perfectly pleasant to use, I haven’t noticed any immediate results or uplift.

The final product is the serum: a gel-like intensive concentrated formula, designed to instantly smoothe skin appearance and helps fight the signs of
fatigue. My skin often hates me using both a serum and moisturiser under makeup, the layering preventing my makeup from sitting effectively on the surface and remaining in place all day. However, this is light and pleasant enough to be used under cream, primer and foundation. As my skin is in pretty good nick it’s hard to judge how much difference this is making, but for me the sensory experience is most important… The serum is pleasant to use and doesn’t overload my skin.

Overall, I think this is a great budget range for those wishing to start investing in their anti-ageing routine early. These products are never going to be a facelift replacement, nor will they ever compete with some of the extremely expensive lotions and potions available, but they will provide a good introduction to 30-somethings getting a little paranoid about crows feet. If a thorough skincare routine is still new to you, then these four products form the basis of a great one that will ensure your skin is getting the hydration and injection of nutrients it needs to fight the ageing process. If you’re on a budget, then you can grab all four products for less than £60.00 – a great way of showing your skin you love it and want to keep it looking tip top for as long as possible. Nivea, you’ve done a great job at making serious anti-ageing solutions accessible to everyone.

The Cellular Anti-Age Skin Rejuvination range is available from Boots nationwide and online. All four products are priced at £14.99.


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  1. Tween Berrie
    January 10, 2014 / 2:58 am

    Love nivea skincare 🙂 xx

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