Life’s Little Comparisons: How Competitive Are You?

I’m naturally competitive. I like to be the best, or at least put my heart and soul into everything I do. It doesn’t matter if it’s bowling, flower arranging or the pub quiz – if there’s an opportunity to compare and contrast then I’m in. Although some may see that as a negative thing, I personally find it the driving force behind my success and how I’ve achieved a lot at a relatively young age. Recently E.On commissioned a survey of the Great British Public to find out how competitive we really are: 50% came out as Casual Comparers, 35% as Relaxed Observers, 11% as Reasonable Rivals and 3% as Crazed Competitors. (Out of interest, and unsuprisingly, I’ve been labeled a Reasonable Rival and ‘find comparison fun; you find yourself doing it naturally.’) But how does this translate into every day life?

Well almost half of women would feel motivated to establish a new exercise routine if their friend signed up to take part in a 5k run. Around 25% of people would hide their DVD player and invest in an on-demand service if their naff technology came under scrutiny, and 82% of people use their friends homes as inspiration for their own decor (or get jealous and copy their new cushions.) You can check out the full infographic and all the details here, but how competitive do you think you are? In my opinion, this is what Instagram has become all about – showing off what amazing food we’re eating, how much incredible champagne we’re drinking, the beautiful makeup we’re using and the designer bling we’ve treated ourselves to. But is that such a bad thing? We all like to look at beautiful pictures and aspire to what others have; it drives us forward and encourages us to success. I know that I work hard and am now (only in my 30s!) benefiting from it, with beautiful things and more than a few night fueled by champagne, much to the delight of my friends who love to coo over my new handbag.

As they know how we all like to be a little bit competitive, E’On’s Energy Savings Hub offers information on how your energy usage stacks up against other people in your area. Are you super efficient and able to reduce your bills all year round, or are you wasting energy like there’s no tomorrow and need to give yourself a kick up the bum? For me, less money spent on utility bills means more to spend on that new Mulberry handbag – so I’m all for being competitive when it comes to turning off the lights or turning down the heating.

This is a collaborative post in partnership with E.On. 
Make sure you check out their saving energy tips and advice on their hub.


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