Cuticura Hand Hygiene Gel: Limited Edition Lemon Sherbert

As someone that used to spend their summers in a muddy field clutching a can of warm cider, hygiene gel was a massive part of my repertoire. When there’s no water in sight, you have no choice but to invest in a little bottle of anti-bacterial gel that will have your hands free from germs and feeling fresh. Like dry shampoo before it, the humble bottle of hand gel has evolved from a festival-only must-have, to a city lifestyle essential. Cuticura are the kings of this market, launching the first gel many moons ago, and have injected a little fun into their range with these Primark exclusive sweetie-inspired hand gels.

Available in Lemon Sherbet and Sugar Candy variants, these two cute bottles of gel are supposed to offer a more delicate and less offensive scent when compared to Cuticura’s original variety. Although you can definitely smell the lemony scent and sugary candy notes, fundamentally these are still alcohol-based gels that kill bacteria by flooding it. You still get a mighty whiff of the alcohol base when you use it, but the scent it leaves behind is slightly sweeter.

Hand gels are great to use in the winter months, when germs are passed around like TicTacs (particularly on trains and tubes if you’re a Londoner,) as they’re able to kill bacteria upon contact. If you’re prone to colds and coughs, then using these before you eat or after you’ve been on public transport can make a huge difference. However, when overused they can dry hands and leave them feeling crusty, so it’s essential to counteract their effect with a great hand cream.

These are much more fun than a boring transparent bottle and are a bargain at only £1.00 each, so why not pick them up and pop in your handbag to ensure you’re germ-free and protected against incoming colds this winter. Sherbert Lemons not included.

These are both exclusively available in Primark priced £1.00 each.



  1. Anya Wandowski
    January 26, 2014 / 10:04 am

    Im definitely going to have to pop into prim ark to get me some of these! They're super adorable and you're right i do hate some of the after smells that other sets leave. Lets hope these are as nice as they sound!

  2. Louise Nickel
    January 26, 2014 / 10:21 am

    The sugar can looks like it would smell amaze. Need these in NZ! =]

  3. Aerin Downs
    January 26, 2014 / 11:09 am

    These sound lovely! Berrie-Blogs: Beauty Blog x

  4. Anonymous
    January 26, 2014 / 11:30 am

    They are so cute x

  5. alicekatex
    January 26, 2014 / 2:15 pm

    I find culticura hand gels really make my hands feel clean. Love the thought of one that smells like lemon sherbert!alicekatex ♥

  6. Linderella
    January 26, 2014 / 4:02 pm

    I always carry anti-bacterial gel when I go out. These look good, I wish they'd sell them online though. I can't bring myself to brave the weekend Primark queues just for a hand gel haha.

  7. sarazbeautytonic
    January 27, 2014 / 10:26 am

    makes me crave for summer!!!!lemeon sherbet looks yummy haha

  8. Jayde Matthews
    January 28, 2014 / 10:34 am

    Ooo so have to get some of these!! Thanks for sharing :)

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