Wonder-Product? Perricone MD: No Foundation Foundation

Foundation is one of the hardest products to get right: the coverage, finish and feel are as important as the colour result, and no two people will ever be the same. This year I’ve discovered an array of new additions to add to my repertoire, but there’s always room for more. With Perricone MD’s ‘No Foundation Foundation‘ growing in popularity and winning awards all over the shop, my maturing skin was keen to see what the fuss was about. If you’re not familiar with Perricone MD, then it’s the brainchild of skincare expert and dermatologist Dr Perricone who developed a revolutionary approach to skin ageing: that cellular inflammation may be the underlying cause of wrinkles. It is this ‘inflammation’ that his skincare products target, making the ‘No Foundation Foundation’ not only a cosmetic, but a product that could potentially help improve the appearance of skin tone over time. The main selling point is that the foundation lets the skin’s natural radiance and beauty shine through without the heavy matte finish, which emphasizes the tiniest skin imperfections.

No Foundation Foundation claims to be a multi-purpose product that
provides natural translucent coverage, corrects skin undertones,
instantly smoothes fine lines and boosts skin’s natural moisture
throughout the day, all the while delivering antioxidant benefits. (Unfortunately it doesn’t quite manage to sing and dance at the same time too.) The texture is extremely lightweight and almost too runny to apply effectively; my normal application technique of pouring a small amount onto the back of my hand and applying with a brush was both painful and fruitless. Using the handy pump and applying a small amount directly onto your foundation brush bristles works much better, however.

Initially I was extremely disappointed with the coverage, as the colour was barely visible on my face and did little more than work as a tinted moisturiser. Although my skin tone is relatively uniform, I do have blotches and redness that need covering to create a flawless result; the No Foundation Foundation used alone wasn’t able to create the result I wanted without a serious amount of concealer. Throughout the day my complexion became blotchy as the foundation started to wear away in some areas too, meaning I had to constantly re-blend my base and re-powder to ensure a consistent finish. My gut feeling is that this foundation doesn’t like to play with others: it doesn’t work well with primer, powder, blush and highlighter – it needs to be worn alone to stop the blotchy effect from taking effect.

Although Perricone MD is often hailed as the saviour of skin past a certain age, and this Foundation is either loved or hated by women across the UK, for me it just didn’t work at all. I love an ‘invisible’ finish and dewy result, but this just didn’t stand up against something like Benefit’s Hello Flawless (which is as equally ‘invisible’ and doesn’t smell of fish. Oh yeah, this foundation has a slight ‘eau de haddock’ that’s tricky to get past!) The otherwise weak result became even worse over the course of a day, meaning this was safely stored back in the drawer and will only see the light of day when we get to the summer months. However, although it didn’t work for me I know it’s a firm favourite of thousands of women who have come to rely on its unique capabilities. If you’re over the age of 40 and are getting serious concerns about your skin, then this could definitely work for you when used over time… However, for me, I’m sticking to what I know. Sorry Doctor Perricone!

The Dr Perricone ‘No Foundation Foundation‘ is available online priced £47.00 for a 30ml bottle.
(It’s uber expensive too!)



  1. Tween Berrie
    December 30, 2013 / 4:44 pm

    My mum uses perricone and she loves it! I think she has tried this to :)! looks lovely x berrie-blogs.blogspot.com

  2. Just me Leah
    December 30, 2013 / 5:50 pm

    I had a sample of this and it didn't do anything for me either. It was very moisturising, but didn't give much in the way of coverage at all. x

  3. Natalie Morgan
    December 31, 2013 / 7:35 pm

    I was really disappointed with this product too, I mean for the price tag it just didn't do enough. It was tacky on my skin, but didn't cover imperfections at all – more like a CC cream than a foundation. Great post. nlmorgan, lifestyle & beauty

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