Top Picks From 2013: The Makeup Edit

So this year has seen a huge amount of new beauty launches hit our High Street, as well as some old classics benefiting from a little makeover. With thousands of new shiny things to play with, it’s hard for a product to stand out and keep my attention for longer than a few days… But these products really have become my favourites and stuck with me throughout the year. These selected few are really worth investing in, thanks to their innovative formulas or the sheer brilliance of their performance. Here are my top picks of 2013 – the makeup edit.

top beauty products 2013

Best Foundation – Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (£25.50)
I’ve always preferred heavier foundations that can help to conceal and create a uniform base, but Hello Flawless really became a game changer for me. The lightness of the formula has no correlation to coverage, as I find this works perfectly to conceal minor imperfections and create a flawless radiance base. You need only a little amount to cover the entire face, as the texture is so light and maliable. I actually shed a tear when my first bottle ran out. 

Concealer – Seventeen Phwoar Paint (£5.49)
One of the hardest products to buy, my concealer has always been where I’m willing to spend the most. Having spent the last fifteen years relying on Clinique, this impulse purchase was made when there was a nationwide shortage and I needed some serious help. Seventeen’s Phwoar Paint covers imperfections with ease, while the creamy formula helps to eradicate dark circles and evidence of a heavy night.

Eyeshadow – Urban Decay Vice 2 (£37.00)
I’m a huge fan of the Urban Decay eyeshadows, as their pigment allows you to achieve some really striking results with just a blending brush. If you’re an eyeshadow novice but want to perfect that smokey eye, then there’s no other brand that will serve you better. This palette has all the shades I could ever want, including some unusual ‘multi-tonal’ effects that are perfect for the party season. What’s even better is that the double-ended brush included really is handy and my usual ‘chuck out the applicator’ rule doesn’t apply! 

Mascara – Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll (£24.50)
This is literally the mascara of my dreams. The one I’ve been searching my whole life for. Not only does it seperate lashes effectively and cause absolutely no clumping, but it creates volume and curl that no other mascara I’ve ever tried has come close to. The hold and longevity is also impressive, making this my go-to mascara for every night out and important date – I’ve even chucked in the false lashes because of this amazing gold tube of brilliance. 

Lipstick – Armarni CC (£25.00) / Bare Minerals Moxie (£12.00)
This category was the hardest to call, so I’ve had to settle with a draw. Armarni launched the first ever ‘CC’ lipstick (Colour and Care) in 2013, which offers strong colour with a balm-like finish for a comfortable result. The packaging makes it feel extremely luxurious, whilst the formula is rich in Shea Butter to ensure it’s suitable for every day wear; definitely one of my favourites. However, I couldn’t not include my new favourite lipstick range from Bare Minerals: Moxie. The bright colours provide a striking result on the lips, while the formula is extremely creamy and doesn’t dry out the upper layers of the skin. This has been my most recommended lipstick in 2013 and it’s not hard to understand why!

Lipgloss – Clarins Lip Perfector (£17.00)
One coat of this makes your lips good enough to eat. The gloss is dense enough to provide a hit of colour without an overtly sticky feeling, while the comfort on the lips can only be compared to a balm. A great gloss is all in the applicator, and Clarins’ Lip Perfector has a precise foam tip that can be used to contour the lips and create a flawless result. This goes with me everywhere – day or night.

Lip Balm – Burt’s Bees Blueberry & Chocolate (£3.69)
A lip balm that smells of my two favourite things? Burt’s Bees are unparalleled when it comes to natural lip balms that really help to soothe the lips, thanks to the inclusion of the bees wax that makes the formula so supple. With the launch of Blueberry & Chocolate (for their soothing, repairing and hydrating properties,) I was quivering with excitement. Although the scent is rather unusual, it’s extremely comforting in the colder months. 

Nail Varnish – Sensationail Gel Manicure (£69.99)
Gel manicures have created quite the storm in the professional beauty world, but with the launch of Nailene’s ‘Sensationail’ at-home version the cost was slashed considerably. Although this requires a hefty outlay of around £69.99 for all the kit, after that you can just choose your colour and be comfortable in the knowledge that it will stick around for up to two weeks. This has been a saviour for me throughout the wedding and holiday season, ensuring I don’t have to pack endless bottles of varnish and remover. 

What have been your fave makeup products from 2013? Have you tried any of mine? 



  1. Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt
    December 31, 2013 / 3:33 pm

    The YSL babydoll mascara is amazing and I'll definitely pick up a black one in January :o). XxMakeup by Candlelight

  2. alicekatex
    December 31, 2013 / 6:35 pm

    Great post :)Never really heard about the Seventeen concealer, will have to try it as a cheaper dupe for Benefit ones!alicekatex ♥

  3. Minty
    January 1, 2014 / 3:37 pm

    Lancome Teint vissionairre.. Without question the best foundation I ever used 🙂

  4. Georgina Fox
    January 1, 2014 / 4:04 pm

    I really love the look of the baby doll mascara – wasn't such a massive fan of the phoaarr paint though..may give it another go!Georgina at

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