NEW For Christmas: Bare Minerals READY Face & Body Luminizer

Sometimes we just need a little light in our life. With the severe lack of sunshine and the cold winds making our skin look dull and lifeless, a decent highlighter can be a girl’s best friend. As a brand that’s well established in the ‘base’ makeup arena, it’s no surprise to see Bare Minerals launching such fabulous extensions that will only complement the good work their primers and foundations are doing so well. This Face & Body Luminizer is part of the ‘Ready’ collection (pressed or compact formulas that are easier to manage than their loose powder counterparts,) and offers three shades that can highlight and contour the face. The cream shade works extremely well to highlight cheekbones and the brow arch, whilst the pale pink provides a subtle blush to cheeks; the delicate brown ensures a touch of colour while helping to contour, without being a scary shade that’s hidden away until Spring.

The magic happens, however, when all three of these shades are blended together using a natural powder blush: the result is a golden rose shade that would suit pretty much any complexion. This rich colour adds a touch of complex depth to the cheeks that ensures your complexion looks healthy and radiant, without giving the game away that you’ve actually spent the last week in your onesie eating Terry’s Chocolate Orange. The texture is extremely soft to the touch and light on the face, providing a touch of luminousity without a heavy makeup feeling that’s often the result of layering. Although this is a limited edition palette that’s available for Christmas (with a handy brush included,) I really hope this makes a comeback in 2014 and remains a staple of the range for years to come. 

The Bare Minerals READY Face & Body Luminizer is available online (currently out of stock!) and via Bare Minerals concessions/retailers for £35.00.


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