Glasses Don’t Have To Be Boring: Specsavers To The Rescue

Spectacles used to be perceived as a fashion fail (I’m thinking Dierdre from Corrie and the girls in Grange Hill,) but in the last ten years they’ve become something of a fashion statement. Gone are the days when we’d step into the opticians with dread, knowing that the options were limited and probably would leave us looking like a Harry Potter impersonator. Now with thousands of statement designs, choosing glasses have become as much a part of getting ready as the shoes we wear and the necklace we put on to finish our outfit. As the owner of at least five pairs, I’m always on the look out for something new and different to add to my collection (that doesn’t cost the earth.) Specsavers have always been the go-to destination for me, offering rows upon rows of unique eyewear that really makes a statement – if I have to wear glasses, I’m a firm believer in them being an extension of my outfit. I went along to their flagship store in London, located on Tottenham Court Road, to see what new styles they had to offer and what I could add to my collection for the winter season.

Specsavers offers a range of designer glasses, as well as their exclusive collections and collaborations with names including Osiris and Gok Wan. I already have a pair of Gok’s glasses from his 2012 collection, which are always high fashion without being unwearable, so I knew I’d fall in love with a pair this time too. The khaki design I picked up just added that extra ‘something’ to the frame, lifting it from being just a plain dark colour and helping to bring out the blue in my iris. Similarly, the electric blue hint behind the dark exterior of the Redgrave glasses provided an extra detail that lifts the look without making the frames too ‘high fashion’. However, it was the Osiris collection that provided the most unusual glasses that I could barely pick between – ombre shading, unique shapes and clear pops of colour all offered something a little bit different that would undoubtedly start a conversation in the queue at Tesco. It was the translucent bright blue design from Osiris that stole my heart, being so different from anything I already own or would normally pick; although they appear quite a statement pair, they really do go with practically anything.

If you’re after a new pair of specs I couldn’t recommend Specsavers enough. Having been to over six different branches, the service is always pretty top notch and you can get in and out in no time at all. Their eye tests are thorough while being simple, whilst you can order your glasses and have them in your hands in only a few days. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, whilst the designs on offer are extensive: it becomes an easy and enjoyable process, whereas it can often be stressful and time consuming. I picked up my glasses within a few days, had them fitted to my face perfectly and walked out a happy chappy with a spring in my step. What’s even better is that I was also given a voucher for 50% off my next glasses purchase, as well as knowing there are plenty of other offers and promotions in store throughout the year too. There’s a reason why they say “you should’ve gone to Specsavers…”

Check out the entire collection at Specsavers here.


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    I have asked for a surprise day out..

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