Top Tips for Protecting Your Hair in the Winter Months

It’s blooming freezing outside right now, the temperature dropping quicker than X Factor contestants, which means your hair needs some extra care and attention to keep it looking and feeling tip top. There are a whole host of troublesome conditions you need to deal with when the gloves come out, ensuring that your hair makes it through the season in one piece. Here are my top tips for protecting your hair and ensuring it’s in as good a condition as possible this Winter.

1. Intensive Treatment
With the harsh winds beating against us daily, essential moisture is lost and inevitably leaves hair looking and feeling a bit worse for wear. Paired with a blast of central heating when you finally get in from the cold, you’re in a desperate situation. Throughout the colder months you should aim to use an intensive conditioning treatment weekly, helping to nourish and hydrate limp and dry locks. Look for one that actually targets key issues (such as hydration or frizz control,) rather than claiming superficial and cosmetic results (such as creating shine,) that will wash away with your next shampoo. Some of my favourites include Paul Mitchell Super Strong Treatment and Tommy Guns Intensive Mask, which both help to re-build the hair from within and leave it feeling strong; it’s worth spending a little more to get great results that will last all week.

2. Weather Protect
As with your makeup and skincare routine, hair products should be rotated in and out every season. While serum and shine spray may be enough to get you through the Summer months, during the Winter you need to add stronger styling products to keep your hair in place. ‘Weather protecting’ your style with products such as Philip Kingsley’s Weatherproof Hairspray or Tommy Gun’s Dew Drops will minimise the need for touch-ups, as well as saving you from the dreaded windswept look. They aim to keep your style for longer by battling against the elements, reducing frizz and flyaways, while John Frieda’s ‘Three Day Straight’ will help to keep your silky smooth locks for longer.

3. Hat Head
Although hats are hot this season (and can help protect the top of your barnet from battling against the elements,) there’s nothing worse than ‘step’ hair – where there’s a definitive line between one section of your head and the other. To avoid a bad hair day once the hat comes off, ensure you use a shine spray and finishing polish such as Kerastase Touche Finale to create a silky smooth finish that prevents your head garments from ‘sticking.’ If you have time, delicately curl hair and run through your fingers for a texturised look, finishing with a soft hairspray from brands such as Moroccanoil or SHOW Beauty to keep the style. Not only will this help you look hot, but will help hide any bad movement created by your hat!

4. Happy Endings
Split ends are a girl’s worst enemy and constant use of electrical styling products to minimise the ‘shivering after shower’ time only makes the problem worse. The ends of your hair are the first thing that shows the deterioration in condition, so ensure you’re getting a regular trim to keep them in shape. If you don’t have time for a cut, then using products such as Tresemme’s Split Remedy will temporarily help to re-align the end of your hair until you can pluck up the courage to get the chop. For maximum protection, once a week apply a hair mask to the ends of your hair (or a product such as Redken Anti-Snap,) and leave overnight so it can really penetrate deep down and get to work. Your hairdresser will thank you for it.

5. Touch Ups
No matter how hard you try to prepare and style your hair in advance, there will always be barnet emergencies that can only be tackled with emergency products. John Frieda’s Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer is a super handy and helps to tame and re-style those annoying bits of hair that just don’t do what they’re told; the small masacara-wand-esque pack make it super easy to pop in your bag and whip out when you need it most. In addition, a finishing polish will help to control frizz and tame wild hair when you’re going from Christmas shopping in the cold to cocktails with your friends.

What are your top tips for protecting and managing your hair in the Winter months?



  1. dinak
    November 10, 2013 / 7:41 pm

    My hair is super frizzy and in the winter it seems to frizz up on the colder days, need to start taking more care of it!Beauty for the Beauty

  2. Anonymous
    November 21, 2013 / 1:37 pm

    Thus far I merely wash my hair and I don’t use conditioner, and my shampoo is always from another brand. But now I going to change it, thank you for the tips.

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