L’Oreal Hair Chalk: A Masterclass in Temporary Hair Colour

Seen backstage at Ashish during London Fashion Week, where Hair Chalk was used in various colours to create bold and extravagant hair effects, colourful hair has become a must-have hair accessory. With five patents, this brand new temporary hair colourant from L’Oreal Professionnel harnesses the desire to look different on a daily basis by offering an affordable, quick and temporary result that lasts for up to two shampoos. Available in eight different colours, Hair Chalk makes changing your look every weekend as easy as changing your shoes… We went to find out more about this much anticipated hair colour launch and have a play ourselves.

The colouring process began with an all-over brush to remove the commuter frizz, followed by my stylist handpicking strands from each side of my slightly off-centre parting (far enough back from the front that the colour didn’t look drastically obvious.) Having naturally dark hair meant each strand needed three coats of Hair Chalk in order to meet the optimum shade. Bearing this in mind, if you’ve lighter hair then one coat will be plenty – especially when using pastel shades which can be diluted by adding small amounts of water. The dye was applied using a piece of foam on a stick (technical!) but L’Oreal include application sheets within the pack, which help you hold and contain the
liquid whilst applying it to small sections of your hair quickly and
with ease.

This approach to colour is not drying at all, giving Hair Chalk a great edge against the mass of temporary colours currently available. Most hair chalks have seriously detrimental affects on your hair’s moisture levels, whereas L’Oreal’s invention missed the drying memo. Since having Hair Chalk applied I’ve shampooed my hair three times, massaging my scalp with my favourite L’Oreal Nutri
Gloss Light Shampoo. The colours remain
more vibrant than I had initially expected, as I had anticipated that
they would fade considerably after a single wash and be gone by the
second. I’m pleasantly surprised though – the staying power was more
impressive than I had been led to believe. (And good to know if you need to get rid of the colour in a hurry!)  

The liquid
chalks are available exclusively at L’Oreal Professional salons,
retailing for £15 each. Considering the quality of the dyes, their
relative longevity and the quantity of product (50ml – enough for a few
uses, the exact number depending on the length of your hair and how much
you want to add to your natural colour,) I think it isn’t a half bad
deal. They would be fabulous for parties and special occasions; I
imagine the red and green shades being a great Christmas party hair
accessory if you fancy drawing festive shapes in your barnet! Who needs glittery clips when you can paint on a picture of Santa?

Find out more about Hair Chalk on their website. Find out more about how Hair Chalk was used backstage at London Fashion Week here

Written by Thalia Fairweather



  1. Heather
    November 23, 2013 / 11:51 am

    I might have to try the blue or red, as it seems to show up really well on dark hair xHeather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

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