NEW: Walls Ice Cream Lip Smackers

There’s nothing that reminds me of being a kid more than Mini Milks. The silky smooth milky taste was almost as good at the wooden lolly and the awful joke that was revealed at the end. When I was a teenager I quickly moved onto Twisters, the perfect mix between ice cream and lolly that left your toungue feeling funny from licking around the swirl. Feasts were always a rare treat, the chuck of chocolate in the middle being the ultimate prize (regardless of the fact that it tasted a little like plastic.) These icy treats bring back so many fond memories, making them the perfect vehicle for the fab ice cream Lip Smacker range of lip balms. Each little tube of balm smells exactly how you’ll remember the treat that adorns the pack, the Mini Milk one in particular evoking memories of milky sweet and sticky hands. The scents aren’t sickly, nor too they feel like you’ve dunked your head into an ice cream van, but they do make you instantly smile during an otherwise dreary Winter afternoon. Although these won’t hydrate lips or target any issues brought on by the colder weather, they do offer a subtle sheen and lubricant when you need it most. Most of all, they’re just more fun than a boring tube of Chapstick…

The Lip Smackers are available from selected Primark stores priced £2.50 each. More info on their website.



  1. Scottish Stef's Nails
    November 14, 2013 / 2:44 pm

    hehe what a cool idea!would have loved these as a kid!:)

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