LBQ Brand Focus #19: Aveda

So many brands now claim to find inspiration from the environment and be full of nature’s goodness, but one started it all: Aveda. The brand known for their focus on botanical essences was founded by Horst Rechelbacher in 1978. On a trip to India he was introduced to the science of Ayurveda (the traditional holistic system of medicine and surgery from India), and his vision for Aveda was born. Although Horst formulated the first product (a clove shampoo) in his kitchen sink, today it’s part of the prestigious Estee Lauder group and continues to develop innovative concepts that push the boundaries of what ‘natural’ really means.

Aromatherapy and botanical research provide the foundations for the
products, with the scent being just as important as the efficacy of the
formulas. Products such as the Stress Fix Bathing Salts
contain relaxing Lavender and Clary Sage to relieve anxiety and promote
sleep, while the comforting aromas of Caribbean Lime, Amyris and Bay
Leaf within the Caribbean Therapy Body Lotion
envelope you in the warmth of the tropics and help to evoke a feeling
of contentment. If you’ve ever experienced an Aveda hair treatment, then
you’ll know about the oils that you’re asked to sniff and choose ahead
of your head massage; the fragrance you pick is supposed to say
something about your current mood and is used to either relax or revive
the senses. Although this is an incredibly simple concept, its inclusion really ensures you have a sensual and all-encompassing experience: something Aveda is proud to offer.

Aveda have also made a ‘Green Ingredient Promise’,
continually striving to increase their use of naturally derived
ingredients and avoiding detrimental or damaging processing processes.
Now more than 90% of their
essential oils and 89% of raw herbal ingredients are certified
organic, making them a pioneer in the green cosmetics world. Although
Aveda are more well established for their hair care products (I can
recommend their Rosemary Mint, which really helps to wake you up!) they also have an extensive range of
body products, cleansers and bath time treats. With nearly 7000 salons
and spas world wide that share Aveda’s commitment and approach, there
are plenty of opportunities to find out more and experience the ‘Aveda
way’ for yourself.

Find out more about Aveda on their website:



  1. Sophie Hawker
    November 27, 2013 / 4:16 pm

    I'm enjoying these posts, it's great to hear about a brand as a whole and what they stand for :)Sophie

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