Discovering L’Occitane: A Trip To Their Covent Garden Boutique

There’s something extremely elegant and refined about French skincare. They seem to hit the nail on the head with their ingredients, formulas, scents and results, without screaming from the rooftops in the style of some well known brands that tell us ‘we’re worth it.’ Never has a brand embodied French elegance more than L’Occitane, the skincare brand that’s booming against the odds of a recession and reduced spending. I’ve written about L’Occitane’s story before, but last week I had a chance to get a personal tour around their flagship store in London’s Covent Garden. I’d walked past hundreds of times, but never had I realised that hidden treasures await you amidst the mass of space in their basement of their boutique. If you ever wanted to test or sniff a L’Occitane product, then this is the mecca that you need to visit.

Shelves upon shelves of beautiful potions in intricate bottles greet you, as does a hand bar and beauty parlour designed to offer minor treatments to customers wishing to discover more (including hand and arm massages that will have you falling asleep.) Their signature products include the Lavender scented range, perfect for helping you relax and drift off to sleep, as well as the Divine anti-ageing creams which have caused a storm since their launch in 2011. I’m a huge fan of their Shea Butter creams, never being without a hand cream from the range when I’m going on long journeys, as well as the delicate Cherry Blossom scent that makes the perfect gift for women of all ages. As always, L’Occitane have a fabulous range of Christmas gifts on offer this year – most of which provide huge savings when compared to individual product prices (you can save over £30.00 on some beautifully packaged gifts.) What’s even better is that they’re already pre-wrapped with the most beautiful packaging, so you don’t even need to spend time struggling with sellotape. If you’re after a gift for a loved one this festive season, then I thoroughly recommend taking a visit to L’Occitane… And maybe treating yourself while you’re there too.

The Covent Garden boutique is located on the main piazza. See their full range of Christmas gifts here, which start from £12.00.


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