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Having a good toolkit is just as important as having the right makeup. It’s like trying to paint a wall with the most luxurious and expensive matte white, but using a tatty old paintbrush from your Grandad’s garage to complete the job – it just won’t look good. I’m a big advocate of cleaning your brushes regularly and investing in some really great staple tools to keep your makeup looking as flawless as possible, but if you’re on a budget where do you look? ProFinish are a new brand of makeup tools that have launched into ASDA stores nationwide, claiming to offer ‘expertly designed premium quality brushes’ at an affordable price. No brush within the collection (including foundation, dual-fibre, eyeshadow and blending brushes) is more than £8.99, with a good selection offering multifunction and double-ends.

The wooden handles are sturdy and simple, keeping the focus on the bristles and fibres that make up the body of the brush. The bristles themselves are precise and have clearly been cut to perfection; there’s not a hair out of place in any one of the brushes I received, while the angles only aid application and blending. Using a combination of natural and synthetic bristles to ensure each brush is built with the end result in mind, ProFinish offer five essential brushes (as well as a retractable foundation brush) that can really aid your makeup routine. The foundation brush works well to blend the product into the skin, although the bristles do seem to cling onto and absorb a lot of product so it’s essential to build up coverage and use foundation sparingly. The face and complexion brushes are great at buffing powder or blush into the skin, without losing too much product to the air around you, while the double-ended eyeshadow brush is great for creating smokey eyes in only a few minutes. Although I found some of the bristles a little too harsh for my face (namely the angled face brush,) overall these brushes provide a great budget buy for someone who wants to invest in some decent tools. If you don’t have £250 on a really great kit of brushes, then you can grab the entire ProFinish collection for under £50.00 – they’re all the tools you need to set you on the right path to makeup perfection.

Angled Foundation Brush £7.99
Perfect for the application of cream or liquid makeup, this angled brush allows you to get into all the contours of your face for even coverage. The bristles are soft, yet firm enough to apply your base. 

Dual Fibre Brush £8.99
Containing both synthetic and natural bristles, this brush can be used in multiple ways on the face to ensure foundation, powder or blush is applied without streaking. It works great when used to dust powder over the face as a finishing touch.

Angled Face Brush £7.99
Featuring the hardest bristles of the collection, this angled brush is fab for bronzer and powder highlighters as it easily buffs into the skin. The density of bristles also provides a really natural result.

Double Ended Complexion Brush £8.99
Great for when you’re short of space in your makeup bag, one end can be used to apply foundation or cream products, while the other is great for finishing with powders. 

Double Ended Eye Brush £5.99
This multi-tasking brush allows you to buff, blend and build your eyeshadow from the lash line to the upper socket. The angled end is also great for applying wet eyeshadow for a stronger look.

The ProFinish range is available exclusively in ASDA.



  1. Lara
    October 11, 2013 / 9:29 am

    great brushes. they look really amazing. I want this too. I got mine yesterday. Also very satisfied 🙂

  2. liza prideaux
    October 11, 2013 / 9:52 am

    well these all look rather fabulous and like a great qualify and for under £50 thats great!Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  3. J.
    October 11, 2013 / 12:27 pm

    These look gorgeous, definitely something I need to check out myself! So great post, thanks 🙂

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