Melvita Bouquet Floral: Cleansing Waters Re-Designed

I love a bit of Melvita skincare. In fact it was the first ever brand I did a ‘focus’ on, because there’s such a great story to tell behind the magical bottles. Not only do they make fabulous organic skincare products that really help the complexion glow, but in 2013 they will have been around for 30 years. That makes them somewhat established and qualified enough to bring us effective products with real research and knowledge behind them. The
founder, Bernard Chevilliat, was originally a beekeeper and biologist
fascinated by the relationship between bees, flowers, honey and beauty – which is why honey and floral notes are so prominent in their products. This year they’re seeing a little bit of a re-design and revamp, bringing their bottles well and truly into 2013 to satisfy customers both new and old. The first products to get the makeover treatment are the Bouquet Floral cleansers and makeup remover, which provide gentle and effective cleansing without the tightness or tingling that many other astringent cleansers can bring. These almost feel like water but better, the texture and scent being so delicate that these floral potions melt into the skin to gently remove dirt and grime.

The Light Cleansing Foam provides a gentle handful of bubbles that washes the face without stripping the goodness, leaving your complexion feeling refreshed and clean. It’s perfect for either in the shower or for use with a flannel before bed, especially as the delicate scent doesn’t linger to make you feel a bit nauseous on an early Tuesday! The Cleansing Micellar Water melts away dirt from the surface of skin, including makeup and even non-waterproof mascara (although if you do apply heavy duty mascara or multiple layers you may need something tougher,) while the gentle Eye Makeup Remover gets rid of mascara and eyeliner build-up with ease. With these three products within your repertoire you practically don’t need anything else; they’re complementary and feature the combined goodness of 100% organic ingredients – even being certified by the European body EcoCert. Although these aren’t as cheap as some of the products you may find on the shelves of Boots, Melvita offer excellent ingredients and scientifically researched formulas with over 30 years of history. Spending a little more will really have your skin saying ‘thank you’ this Autumn.

The Melvita products featured RRP £14.00-£15.00 and are available online, or in Melvita stores. The new packaging will gradually be rolled out nationwide, so keep your eye out for the new look!


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