LBQ’s Top Three: Home Candles

Now the clocks have gone back it’s officially the start of the winter season. With the nights being even darker than before, it’s the perfect time to adorn your abode with sweet smelling and comforting candles. Although you can pick up a bowl of wax for a couple of quid that provides an adequate amount of ambiance and light, if you really want to evoke the senses and create an amazing scent to uplift or relax then you need to invest a little in some quality candles. Here are my three favourite brands that allow you to pick a scent to suit your needs…

top three home fragrance candles

1. Yankee Candle (£1.25-£20.00)
Their ever-expanding range of delightful candles contains every scent you could possibly imagine. Some of my personal favourites include Vanilla Cupcake, Salted Caramel and Merry Marshmellow, but I also love the memories scents like Soft Blanket and Scicillian Lemon bring back. These can be a little too sweet for some, but there are many subtler scents available to enhance the ambiance of your home. Available in various sizes and cute sampler candles to allow you to test the fragrance at a fraction of the cost, there’s literally something for everyone. 

2. Diptique (£40.00) 
With an incredible story to tell, Diptique is the ultimate go-to brand for those who want something bespoke for their home. Although the candles are relatively small and incredibly expensive, they provide a strong long-lasting scent and unique combinations that are incomparible. I always save my Diptique candle for best, especially the seasonal specials they launch for the festive season which really help me to feel Christmassy.

3. Jo Malone (£39.00)
I have nothing but great things to say about Jo Malone, especially as I’m such a huge fan of their unique fragrances that have been copied by every other brand going. They ooze luxury and elegance, their candles providing your home with an injection of understated glamour when you need it most. Although these aren’t cheap, they really are an investment and a candle you’ll treasure for some time. The burning time is around 45 hours, making this the equivalent of buying ten cheaper alternatives. With that maths you can’t say no!

What are your favourite candle brands or scents? 


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