LBQ Brand Focus #18: Foltene

The beauty industry is a multi-billion pound money spinner, helping women to enhance their natural features, cover imperfections and create the illusion of something bigger and better than it naturally is. However, what do you do when you simply can’t rely on beauty treatments to help solve the issue? Where do you turn when the problem is more fundamental and needs a slightly stronger helping hand? Foltene, founded in Italy in the 1960’s, started life in a laboratory that was initially developing prescription drugs; moving into the development of innovative cosmetic products, after the discovery of Tricosaccaride (the first substance that stimulated hair growth,) Foltene became globally known as the go-to brand that helped to combat hair loss. Now they’re known as the go-to brand for those wanting a healthy looking, full and shiny head of hair.

The Foltene hero products include a Thinning Hair Shampoo (£9.95) and Hair & Scalp Treatment (£24.95) that help to stimulate hair growth that may have ceased due to stress, pregnancy or other lifestyle factors. The ingredients help to strengthen hair, as well as providing it with body and shine, while providing the essential nutrients required to restore the natural growth pattern. The shampoo is SLS and paraben free, ensuring it doesn’t irritate or cause further problems on the scalp, as well as including Panax Ginseng Extract and Foltene’s trademarked Tricalgoxyl growth stimulant. The daily treatment (applied directly to the scalp) includes an algae complex, as well as being rich in essential
mineral salts including calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc to ensure the conditions are a good as possible to help the hair to grow as full and strong as possible. 

There are three stages of the ‘hair cycle’: growing, falling and dormant hairs. At any one time up to 15% of our hair is in a ‘resting’ dormant stage that’s waiting to start growing; this stage can last between one and four months, meaning that a significant percentage of our hair can simply not be ‘turned on’. Clinical trials have shown that Foltene increases the quantity of hair in the growing phase, decreases the quantity of hair in the falling phase, and increases the length and resistance of the hair to provide strength, volume and shine. Not only does Foltene therefore help ‘hold on’ to our good hair, but it helps to stimulate hair growth that may have taken a few months to otherwise kick in. Although it sounds rather complex, the products are actually incredibly simple to use – the shampoo can be used as normal, while the treatment is applied directly to the scalp once a day.

Foltene isn’t just about stimulating growth on your head though, as they also have two fabulous products that really do make a difference. Wearing and removing makeup, diet and stress can leave eyelashes and nails fragile, damaged and weak; the Foltene Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment (£14.95) helps to strengthen and restructure weak and fragile eyelashes, while the Foltene Nail Treatment (£9.95) helps to strengthen and restructure fragile, dry, breaking nails. Used daily at the root of lashes and around the nail cuticle, these simple formulas really help to stimulate healthy growth to leave lashes and nails strong and long. Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers, these formulas are non-irritating and non greasy. I noticed a huge difference in my nail condition after only a short time of using this, moving away from breaking and peeling nails to strong and sturdy talons.

With their history firmly placed in science, with proven results, Foltene offer simple solutions for rather complex problems. Although the products are not a miracle solution (nor will they start stimulating growth from non-existent hair follicles,) they really can help with temporary problems that hairspray simply can’t fix.

Find out more about Foltene on their website:
The products are available online via Feel Unique and start at only £9.95. 

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Hampton Brands. However, this really is a fab range that I’ve tried and is half the price of any other similar product!


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